Trae Young responds to Draymond Green’s true advice about being a villain in the NBA


In his exclusive interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Draymond Green had some advice for Hawks star Trae Young for not becoming the villain in the NBA. To which the latter has finally responded. With utmost respect, Young disagreed with Green and even revealed that he will unravel his side of the story at the right time.

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Trae Young and Draymond Green

In a series of topics discussed by Draymond Green in the same interview, he spoke about how Trae Young should be away from developing his image as a true NBA villain. “I’m a big fan of Trae Young. He’s talented as h*ll, underdog, small, all of that. But because of his stature, you’re going to want to like him before you want to hate him. And I personally think Trae has in his mind… he’s taken on this villain role. He’s good enough to take it on, and still play well and still be Trae Young and still be an All-Star and be fine. But I personally think it’s the wrong approach. Because being a villain ain’t fun. You only get so much… out of shutting someone up. And so I think for a guy like Trae, ‘Nah man, go the opposite way.’”

Draymond Green has spent over a decade in the NBA in trying to portray himself as the true villain. So, perhaps his experience with the backlash has enabled him to give this advice to young sensational, Trae Young.

Trae Young responds to Draymond Green

“Love hearing Dray… but can respectfully disagree on his thought on how ‘I think’ about my situation… someday people will hear my whole side & how ‘I THINK’ about everything. Great listen tho,” Young wrote in response to Green, as per Bleacher Report.

To be fair with Young, he has always faced critics down his road, questioning him to prove his worth. However, having his peak years lined in front of him, Green doesn’t want a negative image to be portrayed for Young as well.

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