Trae Young rejected talks of a heated rivalry with Zion Williamson following the Atlanta Hawks’ recent clash with the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Atlanta Hawks defeated the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night, in a well-contested clash at the State Farm Arena in New Orleans. Even though it was a very entertaining affair that went right down to the wire and ended 124-121 for the Hawks, the most talked about moment from the game was a physical tussle that took place between Trae Young and Zion Williamson.

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Trae Young rejects any talk of heated rivalry with Zion Williamson 3

The pair got involved in a physical tussle that also involved a war of words when Trae Young collided with Williamson just following a passage of play. While Young was recovering back to his half of the court after a passage of play, he was not vigilant enough of his surroundings and ran into the imposing frame of Zion Williamson–and had his goggles knocked off his face.

Young – who was wearing goggles as a protective measure after he suffered an eye injury against the New York Knicks–had his gear knocked off his face when he ran into Williamson. The pair stared down each other following the altercation that even had a few words, and fans speculated on whether a rivalry is cooking between the point guard and the forward.

However, Young took to his Twitter after the game in order to squash all speculation of a rivalry with Williamson.

What did Trae Young have to say about the rumors of a rivalry?

Young’s tweet following the Hawks’ win put an end to all rumors of a rivalry between him and Williamson.

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Trae Young rejects any talk of heated rivalry with Zion Williamson 4

Following the Hawks’ hard-earned win, Young took to Twitter he quote tweeted a speculative tweet from NBA on ESPN. Quoting the tweet showing the tussle, Young posted a couple of pictures of the pair laughing together after the game – accompanied with the caption “Chill #GameRecognizeGame” as he proved that there were no hard feelings between the pair.

Young had an incredible outing as he scored 34 points, and will look to keep up his form in the next few games. While the Hawks are on 6-3 and will face the Milwaukee Bucks next on Tuesday night, the Pelicans are at 5-4 and will face the Indiana Pacers on the same date.

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