LeBron James has faced plenty of comparisons to all-time greats throughout his career, but none more controversial than an unlikely candidate – USA international and Chelsea soccer star Christian Pulisic.

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Pulisic in action for Chelsea in 2022

The unlikely comparison came in an episode of American reality television show Pawn Stars which aired last year, when a fan brought a Chelsea jersey signed by Christian Pulisic to one of the show’s protagonists Richard Corey Harrison in order to sell it.

In order to sell it to the reputed collector for a significant sum of $1,500, the fan described the Chelsea star as the “LeBron James of soccer” – a description that instantly went viral on social media platforms. Though it was a description whose idea behind it made sense in certain aspects, but it did not make much sense from an overall perspective – resulting in it going viral.

What is the basis behind the comparison?

One of the main reasons the idea behind the description makes sense is the fact that Pulisic is from the same nationality as the King.

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"The LeBron James of soccer" - Throwback to Pawn Stars episode comparing Christian Pulisic to The King 3

Pulisic is also one pioneer of the sport in the United States of America, as he became the first American soccer player ever to win the UEFA Champions League final in 2021 – while playing for one of the top clubs in the world.

Also being the captain of the American soccer team, Pulisic is undoubtedly one of the best Americans to play the sport. However, it does not warrant the comparison to one of the greatest to ever play basketball in LeBron James.

Although James has been seen in the past repping Pulisic on the past by wearing the United States of America football jersey, the comparison is bleak as while James is widely considered as one of the best across the globe, Pulisic still has a long way to go before he attains legendary status worldwide.

Harrison seemed to share a similar sentiment, as he passed on the jersey much to the disappointment of the fan.

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