Speculations say that NBA Superstar James Harden’s trade from the Rockets might have put Kevin Durant’s trade from the Nets in a spot of bother 

It has been exactly four weeks since the news broke that Kevin Durant asked the Brooklyn Nets for a trade despite having four years left on his contract. 

kevin durant
Kevin Durant is a former MVP Image Credits – SN

Recently Bobby Marks of the NBA Front Office took to Twitter and asked that 4 weeks ago Kevin Durant asked to be traded. But even after that, a former MVP is still in Brooklyn. 

Clutch fans Twitter handle reacted to it and commented that The James Harden trade with the Houston Rockets has backed Brooklyn into a corner since the Rockets have control of the Nets’ next five first-round picks.

“The James Harden trade with the Houston Rockets has backed Brooklyn into a corner. Because the Rockets have control of the Nets’ next five first-round picks (two unprotected firsts and three pick swaps), Brooklyn cannot bottom out and build back its roster with top-five picks.”

On Monday a piece of news broke out that the Nets and the Boston Celtics have engaged in a talk on a potential Durant trade. It seems like we are far from coming to a resolution that could open the NBA championship picture heading into the 2022-23 season.

Three major factors are putting the Kevin Durant trade on hold

First, it is the James harden trade that we have already mentioned above. Now the second is that it’s the offseason and as the adage goes “ “every team likes its roster in the offseason.” No one is on a five-game losing streak that would result in the kind of knee-jerk reaction from a front office for Brooklyn to take advantage of. (Via Espn Insider)

The most important factor is that Brooklyn is looking for a perfect package for Durant four first-round picks, three pick swaps and one player on a rookie-scale contract who has the upside to become an All-NBA-type player. However, that package is nowhere available at least for now. 

Jaylen Brown
Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown (7) reacts during overtime of an NBA basketball game against the Orlando Magic, Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022, in Boston. (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

Here are some of the picks that might engage with Durant, Toronto could assemble a deal comprising of reigning Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes who would fit what the Nets are looking for because he is entering the second year of his rookie scale contract. Another prospect is Jaylen Brown who the Celtics and nets engaged in a talk on Durant Package. The 25-year-old is the most accomplished player of any of the players mentioned who could be obtainable for the Nets in a Durant trade.

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