The 5 oldest players in the NBA



In the NBA, there are players from all age groups.

The league has rookies who are 18 or 19 years old while some veterans are well over 35 years old and are still dominating the game.

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The 5 oldest players in the NBA 4

The veterans’ players in each team are very important because of the experience that they can give to the young players.

They are most trusted by the coaches because of their experience in the league.

Here are the 5 oldest players in the NBA currently :

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The 5 oldest players in the NBA 5

5. LeBron James – 37 years old

LeBron James is widely regarded as the best player in the NBA and has been in constant conversations about being the greatest of all time along with Michael Jordan. Despite being so old he is still dominating the game and has multiple years left in him.

4. Carmelo Anthony – 37 years old

Carmelo Anthony is in the NBA’s top 75 players list of all time and everyone knows how great of a player he really is. He is still an important part of the Los Angeles Lakers as he comes off the bench to provide a scoring boost for the team.

3. Andre Iguodala – 37 years old

Andre Iguodala is a multiple-time NBA champion and was the Finals MVP in 2015. He is still a major part of the Golden State Warriors and comes off the bench to provide the same role as Carmelo Anthony.

2. Joe Johnson – 40 years old

He signed for the Boston Celtics for a 10-day contract and played a few minutes for them this season. He recently announced his retirement but since he played in the league this season, this list won’t be complete without him.

1. Udonis Haslem – 41

Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat is the oldest player in the league and is an integral part of the Heat franchise. He has been there throughout his career and every player respects him and he guides them with the right things. He sometimes gets some minutes to play but his major role is to guide the young players of the team.

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The 5 oldest players in the NBA 6

These were your 5 oldest players in the NBA.

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