Stephen Curry goes absolutely insane after Damion Lee’s game winner against the Mavericks


Stephen Curry went insane after Damion Lee helped the Phoenix Suns win their opening game of the 2022/23 season against the Dallas Mavericks.

Stephen Curry is widely known as one of the best players in the game and many would argue that he also has an argument to be named in the conversation for the greatest players of all time. While on the court, Curry is known for his incredible shooting ability as well as his leadership – he is known for his humble persona and for being the epitome of a family man off the court.

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Stephen Curry (R) and Damion Lee (L)

Family comes first for the Golden State Warriors superstar, and he is family to a number of NBA professionals. While his father Dell was one of the best role players in the NBA of his generation, Steph is the elder brother to another NBA professional in Seth Curry of the Brooklyn Nets. However, there is another NBA player in the Curry family which many people miss out on.

Not many people know the fact that Damion Lee of the Phoenix Suns is married to Sydell Curry – Steph’s younger sister. The former Golden State Warriors man who was Curry’s teammate as they won the NBA Championship together last season, is now at the Phoenix Suns – but that has not stopped Curry from supporting his brother-in-law.

How did Stephen Curry support his brother-in-law Damion Lee?

Curry supported his brother-in-law as he and the Suns went up against the Dallas Mavericks in their opening game of the 2022/23 season.

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Stephen Curry goes absolutely insane after Damion Lee's game winner against the Mavericks 3

The Suns and the Mavericks played out quite the entertaining opening fixture of both their seasons, and went neck and neck until the very last second of the game. While the game could have been won by either team, it was the Suns who emerged victorious by only two points – courtesy of a Damion Lee two pointer that would make even Steph Curry proud.

With the scores level and the game into the last ten seconds, Lee came up with something spectacular – a jump shot while being out of balance – that secured the win for the Suns. While the Suns’ fans loved it, Curry did too – as he was seen wildly celebrating and cheering his brother-in-law from his residence as his wife Ayesha looked on – even while the kids were asleep.

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