Video clip of NBA greats Kenny Smith, Shaq and Chuck arguing about gas prices goes viral


NBA on TNT’s iconic panel of Kenny Smith Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley had audiences in splits with their argument on gas prices.

Amid the recent rise in gas prices, an old clip featuring NBA legends Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal, and Charles Barkley has been doing the rounds on social media. TNT’s iconic trio was in a rather feisty mood to discuss gas tank management and it’s safe to say that the result of the debate didn’t end well for Shaq.

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The three NBA greats, back in 2018, were discussing gas consumption when prices of fuel had risen that year. Two-time NBA champion Smith began the topic by stating that he didn’t want to purchase a certain car as he would have had to pay $80 in gas to fill up the tank.

Four-time NBA champion Shaq then interjected and said that Smith should simply fill it up for $20 at the halfway stage every time to get it back to a full tank. Shaq also admitted that Smith wouldn’t have to pay $80 each time at the pump if he just put $20 at the halfway mark.

Here is the clip of Shaq arguing with Smith at Charles about filling up the gas tank:

Shaq was talking about how $20 would fill half a tank while Kenny said the full tank cost $80. The two began arguing on the prices before Charles Barkley wanted an explanation. The big man was then talking about how he wouldn’t have to fill up as frequently and the rest of the panel couldn’t control their laughter at Shaq.

The former Lakers star continued to argue his point before eventually realizing his mistake. The video even had the audiences and fans on social media in splits.

Some NBA fans also recalled the clip from four years ago and highlighted it amid the current rise in gas prices. All in all, the sports analysts continue to keep audiences entertained on their show.

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