Skip Bayless ripped into LeBron James for his shooting from the three-point zone in the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in overtime in what was a very closely contested affair until the final buzzer. While it was the Lakers that got off to a better start, the Pelicans came into the game with time and looked like winning the clash until the very final seconds – when the Lakers pulled out a moment of individual brilliance to level the scores.

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LeBron James

With only seconds remaining on the clock, the Lakers were trailing the Pelicans by three points and needed somebody to come up with the brilliance that they needed to stay in the game. And when the hour came, so did the man – as Matt Ryan came up with one of the best three-pointers one can ever see in crunch time, as he found the bucket from range right at the stroke of the buzzer.

Ryan’s excellent three-pointer to find the bucket right at the stroke of the buzzer ensured that the game went to overtime – and the Lakers made sure to win 9-6 in overtime to win the game 120-117. Even though it was a collective effort that caused the Lakers to turn the game around, their shooting form was still off – none more so than that of LeBron James according to Skip Bayless.

What did Skip Bayless have to say about LeBron James following the game?

It is fair to say that Skip Bayless was not impressed by LeBron James’ performance in the Lakers’ win.

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LeBron James

Even though the Lakers did win, their talisman LeBron James did not have a good night by his standards. Though LeBron racked up 20 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, his shooting form was all over the place as he completed only 9 out of his 23 total attempted field goals and failed to make a single three-pointer of his seven attempts – prompting Bayless to rip into him.

Tweeting after the Lakers’ win, the NBA analyst wrote: “LeBron LeBricked again and again down the stretch and in overtime – 0-7 in all from three. And the Pels out-gagged him, needing only one free throw to win, missing both.” LeBron will hope to put his shooting woes behind him as the revitalized Lakers look to string some more wins to get their season back on track.

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