Skip Bayless has tons of praise for Matt Ryan after incredible 3 to force overtime


Skip Bayless had tons of praise for Matt Ryan after the Los Angeles Lakers’ man nailed an incredible three-pointer to force overtime in the Lakers’ latest win.

The Los Angeles Lakers won their second straight game after winning in overtime against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Lakers welcomed the Pelicans to the Arena in Los Angeles, and despite a bright start – the Pelicans grew into the game with time and looked set on winning the spoils at the end of the fourth quarter.

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Matt Ryan in action earlier this season

However, the Lakers had other plans. The game went right down to the wire as while the Pelicans aimed to see out their lead until the buzzer went off, the Lakers were adamant to turn the game in their favour. With the clock into the last few seconds of the fourth quarter, the Lakers forced overtime courtesy of a very unlikely source – as it was Matt Ryan who came up with a last-second three-pointer to level the scores.

With the clock winding down rapidly, Ryan found himself hugging the sideline and with an opportunity for a three-pointer – and much to the Lakers’ fans’ relief, he found the bucket with an incredible jump shot to tie the scores. After forcing overtime, the Lakers came out on top with a 120-117 win over the Pelicans to record their second successive win of the season.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Ryan shouldered a lot of praise after his last-second heroics, none more so than Skip Bayless.

What did Skip Bayless have to say about Matt Ryan?

The NBA analyst showered high praise on Ryan’s buzzer-beating three-pointer, and in classic Skip style – also credited him for taking LeBron James “off the hook.”

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Ryan following the Lakers’ win

Tweeting on his official Twitter account following the Lakers’ game, the renowned NBA analyst tweeted: “Matt Ryan – the Lakers’ Matt Ryan, out of Chattanooga by way of Vanderbilt – just made one of the most difficult tying threes you’ll ever see, right-handed falling right from the right corner, to take LeBron off the hook for blowing yet another game down the stretch.”

Regardless of whether he took LeBron off the hook or not, it was a heroic buzzer-beater from Ryan to keep the Lakers in the running for a second straight win – which they did record.

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