Ivica Zubac still shares a brotherhood with former teammate Patrick Beverley



Patrick Beverley who was once considered as the heart and soul of the Los Angeles Clippers was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves prior to the start of this season

Patrick Beverley’s trade came as a shock to many people around the world as he was a well-respected and deeply loved figure in the Clippers dressing room.

The arrival of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George at the Clippers brought a huge change to the culture of this organization but before them, this team was built around Montrezl Harrel, Lou Williams, and Patrick Beverley who were well respected within the organization and now all of these three don’t belong with the team anymore.

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LA Clippers 2019

The young group of players in the Clippers squad who played with Patrick Beverley still idolize him a lot as he was their vet and he taught them various things in their young career which has benefited them a lot in crucial situations.

Patrick Beverley was present at the Clippers game against the Houston Rockets today as he was spotted courtside while wearing an Ivica Zubac jersey which signifies how much he still loves this team.

“That is my guy, my brother, He’s watching every game”- Ivica Zubac on Patrick Beverley

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Zubac and Patrick Beverley

After a dominant win against the Houston Rockets, Ivica Zubac the Clippers center was asked about Pat Bev coming to support the team and said, “That is my guy, my brother. He’s watching every game, he’s still on me about some stuff I do in the game. It is good to have him on me every once in a while to remind me what I got to do.”

It is clearly observed that Zubac still treats Pat Bev as his mentor and big brother despite not being on the same squad anymore, and Beverley still teaches him a few things whenever he gets the chance to do it.

Patrick Beverley’s impact on the T-Wolves has been immense

Since his trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Beverley has been guiding the young players of the squad and giving them his veteran experience which has helped the team massively as they are in playoff contention after a long time and look like a tough team to come up against.

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