The National Basketball Players’ Association could file grievance on Kyrie Irving’s behalf as the Brooklyn Nets star stays suspended.

It has not been a great month to be Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn Nets star has found himself in the centre of controversy after he promoted a film portraying anti-Semitic tropes and sentiments on his Twitter, and on repeatedly not clearing his stance about anti-Semitism even when given the chance by the media – was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for five games without pay.

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NBPA could file grievance on Kyrie Irving's behalf as Nets star remains suspended 3

Upon his tweet promoting the 2018 film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” – a film based on the book of the same name that heavily endorses anti-Semitic sentiments and beliefs – Irving was faced with plenty of controversies. While franchise owner Joe Tsai and the Nets gave their statements, Irving’s lack of accountability caused the Nets to suspend him.

While Irving was suspended for five games without pay, he was also given a set of terms to observe if he wanted to make his return back to the court. However, even after observing the terms which included meeting with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver – Irving has not been able to make a return, something that has angered the National Basketball Players’ Association.

It now turns out that the NBPA could file a grievance on Irving’s behalf as the Nets star remains suspended despite observing the terms given to him.

What has been reported about the NBPA filing grievance on Kyrie Irving’s behalf?

Marc Stein reported on Monday that the NBPA could file a grievance on Kyrie Irving’s behalf if Irving’s return to play conditions cannot be resolved by the parties involved.

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NBPA could file grievance on Kyrie Irving's behalf as Nets star remains suspended 4

Stein reported: “Word is Irving is itching to get back on the floor and there have been rumbles for days that the National Basketball Players Association, at some stage, could move to file a grievance on Irving’s behalf if the various parties involved can’t reach a resolution on a return timetable.

Irving has missed 6 games thus far under the suspension and when Nets head coach Jacque Vaughn was asked for an update on when Irving would return to the floor, Vaughn said that he has yet to speak to Irving and that he doesn’t have a timetable for Irving’s return.

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