NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski has claimed that Kyrie Irving’s future with the Brooklyn Nets is questionable despite his recent apology.

Kyrie Irving has been the centrepiece of controversy for the Brooklyn Nets this season. The Nets superstar got himself into the headlines for all the wrong reasons after he posted a tweet last week promoting a film portraying anti-Semitic sentiments and beliefs – and failed to acknowledge his beliefs or come up with an apology despite being repeatedly given the chance to do so.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

It all started when Irving promoted a 2018 film known as “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” – a film based on a book of the same name that is infamously known for promoting hateful anti-Semitic tropes. Kyrie’s tweet was closely followed by statement from franchise owner Joe Tsai, but it did not force Kyrie into apologizing or denying his beliefs at all.

It was only after the Nets suspended Irving for at least five games without pay by stating that they are “dismayed” by Irving’s “failure to unequivocally say that he has no anti-Semitic beliefs”, that Kyrie decided to come up with an apology to the Jewish community. However, it may not mean much in terms of his Nets’ future according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

What did Wojnarowski reveal about Kyrie Irving’s future with the Nets?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Kyrie Irving’s future in Brooklyn is questionable even despite recent apology.

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NBA insider claims Kyrie Irving's future in Brooklyn is questionable despite recent apology 3

The NBA Insider was speaking on the latest episode of ESPN’s NBA Today when he revealed that despite his recent apology, Irving’s future at the Brooklyn Nets is questionable. Wojnarowski said that he feels Irving’s Nets future is questionable because of the timing of his apology that was a week or so late – issuing it earlier would not have warranted a suspension.

Wojnarowski has covered the Nets situation all through, and he reported an incident of owner Joe Tsai – who wanted education and dialogue with Irving after he posted a statement condemning Kyrie’s actions. However, Kyrie never returned his messages – escalating the growingly tumultuous situation at the Nets to the point where it is at the moment.

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