NBA commentator Derek Harper seemed to play a key role in jinxing Kevin Durant’s incredible free throw streak that ended as the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Dallas Mavericks.

A commentator’s curse is widely known as one of the most infamous superstitions there is in the world of sports. Whenever any sportsperson is doing too well in their field, they fear comments from the sports commentators as more often than not – they fail at something that they usually do not. Kevin Durant would refer to himself as the latest victim of this diabolical curse.

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NBA commentator seems to play key role in jinxing Kevin Durant's incredible free throw streak 3

The Brooklyn Nets superstar had a great showing against the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night’s game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Durant had a game where he racked up 26 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, and looked well on course to force the game into overtime when the Nets were awarded a free throw while trailing by only two points with seconds left. Durant stepped up to the three-point line and calmly converted his first attempt in order to extend his free throw streak to a whopping tally of 62.

However, Durant uncharacteristically missed his second, as well as his third attempt as the Nets, could not force the game into overtime – and the Mavericks held on for their 96-94 win, much to the frustration of Durant and the Nets players. While Durant might have wondered what went wrong, we think NBA commentator Derek Harper might have an answer.

How did the NBA commentator affect Kevin Durant’s free throw?

It turns out that Durant became the latest victim of the commentator’s curse, as NBA commentator Derek Harper seemed to have jinxed his free throw streak during the game.

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NBA commentator seems to play key role in jinxing Kevin Durant's incredible free throw streak 4

When Durant stepped up to the free throw line, Derek Harper and Mark Followill on the Bally Sports broadcast were commentating on the game. While Followill spoke about Durant’s 62 consecutive free throws when he converted his first attempt, Harper predicted that Durant would miss at least one of the following throws – and Durant did not disappoint with both his attempts.

Oh! What did you say?” Followill exclaimed to Harper after Durant’s initial miss. “What did you say, Derek Harper? … From Harp’s lips to God’s ears. With 5.6 seconds left, after 62 straight made throws, Kevin Durant missed.”

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