Luka Doncic hilariously mocks referee after shocking travel call in win over Heat


In a victory over the Heat, Luka Doncic mocks the referee following a surprising travel call

Luka Doncic and his contempt for the officials, particularly the recent travel call, are possibly the most famous pair in the NBA right now. One of the league’s most combative superstars, the Slovenian phenomenon frequently spars with referees regarding their rulings.

Luka Doncic travel
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Although Luka takes a lot of hits, he also has a decent whistle, which doesn’t stop him from arguing with the officials when he feels they’ve made a mistake. Luka Doncic has now been acting in this manner for some time; in fact, he mentioned last season that he needed to curb his actions. But sometimes he can’t help the natural trash-talker in him. 

Luka was cited for carrying during Friday night’s convincing victory against the Miami Heat. He couldn’t believe it, so as part of his celebration after coming down on the following play and sinking a three-pointer, he made fun of the referee’s judgement.

Reactions from the audience to Luka Doncic

It’s surprising that Doncic didn’t receive a penalty for that given how lenient some of the calls have been this season. It never pays to enrage Luka since his fiery temperament comes out intensely in these circumstances. And while some fans wondered how he got away with it, others admired Doncic’s fervent response.

In the NBA, there has been discussion about calling carries more carefully, but it is safe to argue that the rule is still applied unevenly. Nobody seemed to be completely aware of the infringement. Fans had a lot of reactions to Luka Doncic calling it out in such a furious way. 

Luka Doncic travel
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There is no disputing that when he gets angry, Luka Doncic doesn’t hold back, even if it’s about the officials. He excels because of his lack of fear, but he also needs to learn to control his emotions a little bit if he doesn’t want to injure his team at the wrong time.

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