Luka Doncic coming out in a tank like car sees NBA fans compare him with $100 billion superhero


Luka Doncic’s appearance in the “batmobile” looking like a car sends the crowd into a frenzy

Just before the Dallas Mavericks’ matchup with the Atlanta Hawks, Luka Doncic attracted everyone’s attention as he walked into the American Airlines Center. Luka Doncic was spotted exiting a car that resembled the Batmobile. As soon as they discovered what the car looked like, fans exploded immediately.

Luka Doncic car
Image Source: Eurohoops

He has started showing off some of his most prized belongings as a result of his popularity and money. It includes this enormous vehicle. While he was driving to the arena, it undoubtedly attracted some attention. Fans couldn’t help but respond to Luka’s vehicle on Twitter.

Currently, Doncic averages 33.8 points, 9.0 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game. He is making 35.1% of his three-point attempts and shooting 49.8% overall. Doncic is the only player who has kept the Mavericks in consideration for the playoffs. With a 24-21 record, they are now seventh in the Western Conference. 

Luka Doncic: Career Stats 

This season, Luka Doncic has given the Mavs everything he has. He leads them in scoring, rebounds, and passing. However, the Mavericks’ attack is predictable, making it simple for opposition defenders to slow them down.

Doncic throwing up difficult jumpers when the shot clock is running down is much too frequently their offensive strategy. Or again, he forces the defenders to the middle and scouts the corners for an open guy.

Luka Doncic car
Image Source: NBC Connecticut

The postseason is not where their strategy will work. Coach Jason Kidd finds it challenging to create a solid game plan given the makeup of his team’s squad. Doncic would benefit in the backcourt if Terry Rozier or another scoring guard were added. Tim Hardaway Jr., who hasn’t been very effective this year, is being traded by the Mavs in this speculative deal.

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