Know how long will Kevin Durant stay at Brooklyn Nets

There might be any achievement in basketball left for “KD” to take over, with him being one of the most decorated players in game history.

kd baby
Kevin Durant

One of the most respectful people to handle the ball could be named “Kevin Durant”, he was selected as the 2nd overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft after Greg Oden and surely turned out worth picking as he later turned out as the Rookie Of The Year.

Since then there has been no looking back for the 6 ft 10-inch tall guy, he made it two consecutive titles for Golden State Warriors turning NBA Finals MVP in both the seasons 2017 and 2018. Durant has been featured in NBA All-Stars a number of 12 times and was also the part of NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

Not only in NBA but also on world stages he has never let his nation side go down. He has been at the top of the podium receiving gold in the Olympics for America consecutive three times namely in the years 2012,2016 and in 2020. Moreover, he was also part of the side that lifted the 2010 World Cup held in Turkey.

Kevin Durant’s Contract

Currently, KD is on a four-year contract deal of four years with the Brooklyn Nets starting in the year 2019 for a monetary prize worth $194.2 million. With this contract, he has been targeted to have a base salary of $42 million.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Durant not only depends only on NBA for his earnings but earns around $36 million from his endorsements with respected names like Nike, Gatorade and Degree. Kevin has been in decent form from their last matches and the Nets would be hoping to take more out of the star with his contract at the last stages.

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