Kevin Durant thought Daniel Gafford had slipped during what was a savage dribble-fake ankle-breaker move

In an interview following the Brooklyn Nets 128-86 blowout win over the Washington Wizards, Kevin Durant revisited the ankle breaker. Durant said that he thought Daniel Gafford had slipped during the move and that he couldn’t take full credit for it. He followed up by saying that he was glad to have created the space to finish the shot.

The move was a simple but deadly dribble-fake that had Gafford doing splits. Durant followed the move with a beautiful mid-range jump shot finish that helped the Nets end the first quarter on a high.

Durant has been absolutely outstanding to start the season. Through 9 games, Kevin Durant is averaging 32 points, 6 rebounds and 5.1 assists. Durant has carried the Nets this season and will have to continue doing that while the Kyrie Irving issue is sorted out.

Kevin Durant has been a bright spot for the Brooklyn Nets in what has started as a murky season. The Nets will need Durant to continue playing at this level if they hope to make the playoffs this season.

Will the Brooklyn Nets compete for the title this year?

It looks extremely unlikely that the Brooklyn Nets compete for a championship this year. The only thing that the Nets should be aiming for right now is to win games in hope of making the playoffs. With Kyrie Irving set to miss at least 5 games, the Nets are going to have a rather difficult time.

Kevin Durant scoring list

In addition to this, the Brooklyn Nets have been hampered by injuries so far this season. It looks like the Nets will have to find a way to win without Irving as the organization may end up releasing him. If the Nets release Kyrie Irving it will end any hopes they have of winning a championship.

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