James Harden put on a horrific performance as the 76ers lost by 29 points against the Brooklyn Nets

James Harden was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers last month and expectations were at an all-time high from him, and anything less than a championship will bring huge scrutiny over him from everyone around the world.

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James Harden dropped a stinker as the Brooklyn Nets blowout the Philadelphia 76ers 3

The Philadelphia 76ers had so far looked very great whenever Harden played alongside their MVP candidate in Joel Embiid. Embiid has looked like the best player in the world this season and their spirits and confidence were high as they prepared to host the Brooklyn Nets in a highly anticipated clash between the two championship contenders.

However, the match didn’t go as the 76ers would have planned as the Brooklyn Nets completely blew them out of the park in which both their star players failed to perform.

James Harden scored an abysmal 11 points where he shot just 3/17 from the field and had more turnovers than field goals made while Joel Embiid scored 27 points but he also was able to just make 5 field goals, which is unacceptable from their part in a game of such high magnitude against a potential playoff opponent.

This was the first time that Harden went up against his former team after the trade and it’s fair to say that his former team got the better of him on this occasion.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry all shine in the riot by the Nets.

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James Harden dropped a stinker as the Brooklyn Nets blowout the Philadelphia 76ers 4

All the star players of the Nets came to play and helped their team to win this huge game. Kevin Durant led the way by scoring 25 points, Kyrie also added 22 points on his return against his former team. Seth Curry notched up 24 points in what was a revenge game for him.

Seth Curry was the part of the Ben Simmons trade and even if Ben didn’t play his teammates made sure to silence the Philly crowd who was waiting for this match since the trade went down to boo their former all-star.


This was a statement win for the Brooklyn Nets. Come playoff time when everyone will be playing including Ben Simmons, this Nets team can beat any team in the East. Their goal is to win the NBA Championship and they have all the right tools for it.

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