Is Ja Morant leaving the NBA? What has happened with the Memphis Grizzlies star?

Despite Ja Morant’s promise on the court and his ever-growing reputation as one of the young faces of the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies star’s career has been dealt with a major blow of late. In a string of incidents dating back to last summer, Morant and people close to him were accused of threatening and even violent behaviour – while Morant made it even worse recently.

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Ja Morant in action for the Memphis Grizzlies

While it was revealed that police were looking into the allegations, Morant decided to make things even worse for himself after he flashed a gun in a Denver nightclub only days after. While in Denver after playing against the Nuggets, the All-Star guard chose to display a firearm on his Instagram live stream – that saw him get suspended by the Grizzlies for at least two games.

However, as it turns out, Morant has made things even worse for himself after he reportedly carried the gun with him on the Grizzlies’ team premises. If the reports are true, then Morant will be breaching Article 9(a) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement which explicitly states that a player is prohibited from carrying a firearm while travelling on any league-related business. However, contrary to most reports – Morant is not yet suspended by the NBA and not leaving it.

Has the NBA taken any action so far?

The NBA is yet to take any action but the consequences will be dire for Morant if found guilty.

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Morant’s punishment will be up to NBA commissioner Adam Silver to decide. If Morant is found guilty of violating the CBA, it will be up to the NBA commissioner to hand down a punishment to the Grizzlies star. At that point he can choose to fine Morant up to $1 million, and/or serve a suspension.

There isn’t an established suspension length for the situation, so if Morant is suspended by the league, the length will be at Silver’s discretion.

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