How many turnovers did Russell Westbrook have against the Wolves?


During the Los Angeles Lakers loss in a close game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Russell Westbrook had 5 turnovers

The Los Angeles Lakers lost against the Minnesota Timberwolves and have lost 5 straight games to start the season. Russell Westbrook had a decent game and scored 18 points to go with 8 rebounds and 3 assists. But Westbrook shot the ball badly and had 5 turnovers in the loss.

In recent years Russell Westbrook has become well known for his high turnover rate. But these Russell Westbrook turnovers against the Timberwolves are coming at an especially bad time.

Russell Westbrook jump shot
Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is coming under heavy public scrutiny this season and these turnovers will make a good game look bad. The turnovers are just one reason fans are unhappy with Westbrook. His poor shooting efficiency and bad decision making are two more reasons that fans are upset with his play.

Fans and analysts have pointed out Westbrook’s poor attitude this season. From his apparent refusal to come off the bench to his rather casual attitude. The fans and analysts are rather fed up with Westbrook and think he needs a change of scenery.

Will Russell Westbrook be traded anytime soon?

The Russell Westbrook trade rumors have been heating recently with the Laker’s bad form this season. As the Lakers lose more games, pressure will build to make a change. This change will start with a Russell Westbrook trade taking place.

The Westbrook trade has to happen soon because the Lakers cannot afford to lose any more games right now. If Rob Pelinka waits any longer, the Lakers season may be unsalvageable.

Russell Westbrook Air Jordans
Russell Westbrook

The most likely trade partners for the Westbrook trade are the Utah Jazz, Charlotte Hornets and the Indiana Pacers. The Jazz and the Pacers will be interested in the Lakers 2027 and 2029 Draft picks and will waive Westbrook.

Whereas the Hornets might even have some interest in Russell Westbrook as well. Recent rumours even have the Miami Heat as a possible trade partner for the Lakers to consider. It’ll be rather interesting to see where Russell Westbrook ends up and for what trade package.

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