How many points is LeBron James away from all-time scoring record after win over Knicks?


After each game Lebron James plays, the fans end up asking, how many points is LeBron James away from scoring record. The Lakers’ losing record has seen less attraction as the entire NBA world is waiting for King James to bring home the all-time scoring record.

Los Angeles Lakers went up against the New York Knicks on Tuesday. They bagged their 24th win of the season in over time, 129-123. LeBron was the stat leader on the court of Los Angeles. He posted 28 points with 10 rebounds and 11 assists. After the game with Knicks, Lebron James has come within the gap of double digits with the much-awaited record chase.

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James only needs 89 points under his name to become the leader in NBA All-Time scoring leader board. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar held the record in the history books for over 33 years. On Tuesday, he did not only come close to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record, he passed two more milestones.

Lebron posted his third triple-double at Madison Square Garden, that made his the only players in the history on NBA to secure such a stat in their 20th NBA season. Landing 11 assists in the game made him the 4th all-time leader in the Assists leader board.

‘How many points is LeBron James away from scoring record,’ is all fans search after Knicks game

The scoring record was considered one of the highest achievements in the NBA history books. The time Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retired, the fans felt legends like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant would get close to the record. However, there was only one player, who desired challenging the esteemed feat.

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Lebron James has always had a humble response to the scoring record. “The scoring record was never ever even thought of in my head because I’ve always been a pass-first guy. I’ve always loved seeing the success of my teammates,” James revealed.

Even the young sensation, Luka Doncic finds it hard to believe that LeBron is going with his 100% at the age of 38. “It’s always a possibility, but it’s going to be really tough. You gotta have a guy that plays for 20 years… If you’re saying me there’s no way [cause] I’m not playing that much,” Doncic hilariously said.

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