Throwback to when Steve Kerr explained how dangerous LeBron James can be on the court 

LeBron James is one of the best scorers in the history of the NBA. Steve Kerr who coached LeBron James during his amazing achievement of reaching consecutive NBA Finals once talked about the pressure that James Puts on his opponent.

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LeBron James is already made his name as the greatest of all time

This interview took place in 2018 when the Cavaliers lost Game 4 but still Kerr had some praising words towards the four-time MVP.

The interviewer asked about how James put pressure on his opponent to which Kerr replied that he is terrifying and you have to fear his game.

“Well, he’s terrifying,” Kerr said. “He is. Every time he comes down the court, getting downhill, you just know he’s either going to get to the rim or he’s going to find one of his shooters for a 3-point shot. He’s added the 3-point threat.

“When we came here three years ago in the first meeting, we weren’t fearful of his shot. We were fearful of his power and his penetration and his passing, but now you fear everything.” “I think maybe the greatest testament to LeBron is that five years ago he was one of the top-five players of all time,” Kerr said. “From five years ago until now, it seems like he’s 10 times better because he’s added so much skill to his game.”

Steven Kerr opened up about Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate 

When LeBron James became one of the prominent names in the NBA after being in four consecutive years of NBA Finals there was a lot of debate going around as to whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest of all time in the NBA. When then Warriors coach Steve Kerr shared his opinion as well.

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Michael Jordan and LeBron James are two of the greatest in the history of the NBA (The Guardian)

“I get asked all the time about MJ, LeBron, and it’s such a difficult question to ask,” Kerr told reporters, per USA Today. “All I know is they’re the two best players that I’ve ever witnessed. They’re very different, but however, you want to rank them, they’re right there together.”

Kerr played alongside Jordan and has coached against James (including four consecutive years in the NBA Finals), so he knows the level of talent they both would bring to the court.

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