Bam Adebayo opinionated over the fans voting for All-Star game, questions the credibility of the players selected

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Bam Adebayo as expressed his desire to be included in the All-Star event. For years the NBA fans have voted for their favorite players and the All-Star ends up including all super-hyped players.

Bam Adebayo started his NBA career in 2017 with the Miami heats as the 14th overall pick. In the next three years, Adebayo managed to be included in the 2020 NBA All-Star game. With that, he was also included in the NBA All-Defensive Second team from 2020 to 2022. He has laid down a question of whether fans select talented players or just the hyped players.

Bam Adebayo says he deserves All-Star selection
Bam Adebayo says he deserves All-star selection

“I’ll leave fan voting to fan voting. There are guys that shouldn’t even be on that list. But it’s fan voting. That’s what it is and you got to live with that. I mean, right now I’m in a position where it’s based off the coaches in the East,” Bam Adebayo shared, via Miami Herald.

Bam wanted to voice out his opinion to the fans that if the coaches did the voting for All-Star games, he would have been included. He added, “When it comes to coaches voting, that’s when I feel like I deserve to be in it,”

Bam Adebayo’s performance against Boston puts his case for the All-Star candidacy

The Miami Heat were without their star Jimmy Butler against the MVP candidate Jayson Tatum and Boston Celtics. Bam scored 30 points for the Heat with 15 rebounds and 1 assist, whereas the star Jayson Tatum dropped 31 points himself.

Bam Adebayo
Bam Adebayo

Lately, the Heat have been finding wins with Bam Adebayo playing a substantial part. Brady Hawks tweeted, “Bam Adebayo has scored 30+ points 8 times so far this season. He did it only 7 times in his regular season career before this season”

The All-Star finalists are set to be named on Thursday, January 26th. While the reserves would be named on February 2nd. The starters and the reserves are based on the voting placed by fans, coaches, and media.

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