Ime Udoka is set to become the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets and Jaylen Brown is happy to see his former head coach still in the NBA.

jaylen brown ime udoka
"I’m just happy to see a Black head coach end up back on his feet”- Jaylen Brown speaks out on Ime Udoka potentially becoming the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets 2

Reports surfaced that Ime Udoka was having an affair with a team employee, which is forbidden by the Boston Celtics‘ policies, and Udoka was immediately placed on a season-long suspension. Udoka was not let go by the Celtics, but he will soon take over as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

It has been reported that Brooklyn Nets have hired former NBA player and coach Ime Udoka to replace Steve Nash. After the revelation of the news that Ime Udoka will be the new Brooklyn Nets head coach, Jaylen Brown spoke on the topic.

Jaylen Brown said, “I’m just happy to see a Black head coach end up back on his feet, because I’ve seen situations where something like this might not have been the case.”

Many thought that Ime Udoka’s career in the NBA was over but the opportunity to coach the Brooklyn Nets is a great one for him to get back his reputation.

Since Kyrie Irving has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for his anti-semitic comments, Udoka has his hands full trying to get that team back on track. However, despite having an elite roster and Kevin Durant’s continued strong play, they have been unsuccessful thus far. It is our sincere wish that Ime Udoka will be successful in inspiring excellence in all of Brooklyn’s residents.

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