NBA Draft order 2021: Which teams are best placed in round 1 and round 2?


Here are the best-placed teams in the NBA Draft order of 2021

The 2021 NBA Finals have ended and the Milwaukee Bucks are the champions. We have officially entered the offseason and by the looks of it, we are going to have an interesting offseason.

From various free agency signings to spicy trade deals, there is a lot of anticipation in the air. Similarly, we have the 2021 NBA Draft.

This year’s draft is the 75th edition of the NBA Draft and it will take place on Thursday, July 29 at 8 p.m. ET. The venue for the event is Barclays Center. The draft is presented by State Farm.

NBA Draft 2021 Order

Here are the rankings of the teams in the NBA Draft who have 60 selections in two rounds.

11Detroit Pistons
12Houston Rockets
13Cleveland Cavaliers
14Toronto Raptors
15Orlando Magic
16Oklahoma City Thunder
17Golden State Warriors (from Minnesota)
18Orlando Magic (from Chicago)
19Sacramento Kings
110New Orleans Pelicans
111Charlotte Hornets
112San Antonio Spurs
113Indiana Pacers
114Golden State Warriors
115Washington Wizards
116Oklahoma City Thunder (from Boston)
117Memphis Grizzlies
118Oklahoma City Thunder (from Miami via Phoenix to Philadelphia to LA Clippers)
119New York Knicks
120Atlanta Hawks
121New York Knicks (from Dallas)
122Los Angeles Lakers
123Houston Rockets (from Portland)
124Houston Rockets (from Milwaukee)
125Los Angeles Clippers
126Denver Nuggets
127Brooklyn Nets
128Philadelphia 76ers
129Phoenix Suns
130Utah Jazz
231Milwaukee Bucks (from Houston)
232New York Knicks (from Detroit via Philadelphia to LA Clippers)
233Orlando Magic
234Oklahoma City Thunder
235New Orleans Pelicans (from Cleveland via Atlanta)
236Oklahoma City Thunder (from Minnesota via Golden State)
237Detroit Pistons (from Toronto via Brooklyn)
238Chicago Bulls
239Sacramento Kings
240New Orleans Pelicans
241San Antonio Spurs
242Detroit Pistons (from Charlotte via New York)
243New Orleans Pelicans (from Washington via Utah to Cleveland to Milwaukee)
244Brooklyn Nets (from Indiana)
245Boston Celtics
246Toronto Raptors (from Memphis via Sacramento)
247Toronto Raptors (from Golden State via New Orleans to Utah)
248Atlanta Hawks (from Miami via Portland to Sacramento)
249Brooklyn Nets (from Atlanta)
250Philadelphia 76ers (from New York)
251Memphis Grizzlies (from Portland via Cleveland to Detroit to Dallas)
252Detroit Pistons (from LA Lakers via Detroit to Houston to Sacramento)
253New Orleans Pelicans (from Dallas)
254Indiana Pacers (from Milwaukee via Cleveland to Houston)
255Oklahoma City Thunder (from Denver via Philadelphia to Golden State)
256Charlotte Hornets (from LA Clippers)
257Charlotte Hornets (from Brooklyn)
258New York Knicks (from Philadelphia)
259Brooklyn Nets (from Phoenix)
260Indiana Pacers (from Utah)

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