(Watch) NBA 2K22 glitch leaves NPC frozen in hilarious clip


Take a look at this hilarious NBA 2K22 glitch

In game glitches are nothing new. Sometimes the glitches manage to irritate the player but sometimes they create a moment of laughter. A Twitter user by the name of Christian Antonio recently shared a very interesting also hilarious glitch on the NBA 2K22. Take a look:

In this video you can see the NPC is giving advice to the player’s shot efficiency but the advice seems to be absolutely nothing. The NPC silently stares at the player but the player still gets the advice and says “oh, I got you” as he leaves the room.

It seems like the dialogue with the advice does not load and has created a hilarious glitch. It needs to be kept mind that the NBA 2K22 is still in it’s very early stages. The game has recently been released. Glitches like these are bound to happen no matter how hard the team of developers also work on it.

NBA 2K22 patch updates

The developers of the games work tirelessly to improve the game even after it’s release. To avoid any glitches as seen above regular updates are also rolled out. Just a few days ago a patch update was released which focused of improving the stability, better user experience, etc.

nba 2k22 1

Another update has been scheduled for next week as well. These updates however, have only been released on the Nex-gen consoles like the PS5 and also Xbox X/S.

To know more about these updates, check out: NBA 2K22 update 1.005: What changes has the latest update made to the game?

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