UFC superstar Nate Diaz has reacted to the arrest of several of his peers, and advised them to get their act together

It has been quite a stressful day for several UFC fighters with the law. While Jorge Masvidal was arrested and charged for aggravated battery and criminal mischief for his assault of Colby Covington, Irish star Conor McGregor was reportedly arrested for ‘alleged traffic violations’, and Chael Sonnen was charged with 11 counts of battery over the December incident in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor Nate
Nate Diaz eyes Conor McGregor from across the Octagon before their welterweight rematch at the UFC 202 event at T-Mobile Arena on August 20, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. McGregor won by majority decision. (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

This has definitely been the most tormenting 24 hrs for UFC and fight fans, with several familiar faces and charismatic figures facing legal trouble. UFC fighter Nate Diaz has reacted to these indictments in his own quirky manner and offered words of advice to his peers.

One impression synonymous with the Diaz name would be the brawling adventures of the Diaz brothers. The Stockton slugger has had his fair share of encounters outside the octagon- from his infamous Nashville Strikeforce brawl inside the octagon to his latest encounter with AJ McKee and crew, Diaz isn’t afraid to throw down.

Nate Diaz reacted to the news on Twitter by saying,

All u
fighters need to stop gettin arrested for stupid shit ur acting like animals irresponsible lil kids get ur shit together

Drive safe please and act right

This should not come as a surprise to anyone because it involves two of his former opponents, with whom he’s had his fair share of back-and-forth.

Nate Diaz tees off on Conor Mcgregor after the latter was reportedly arrested for ‘alleged traffic violations’

The arrest of several present and past UFC fighters in the shortest span has got the community worried, while many fighters have condemned their peers’ actions.

Nate Diaz was particularly miffed at Conor Mcgregor, who has had his share of trouble with the law on multiple occasions now. He released a series of tweets chastising his confreres for their irrational behavior.

He even called out the UFC for sidelining him, suggesting that he’s been wanting to fight for the past seven months now.

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