Myth of Empires Price Adjustments Announcement – Free Dongzhou Map DLC?



What’s the new Myth of Empires price? Is a new map coming to the game? Find out the latest updates.

Myth of Empires is a sandbox and war game from Angela Game. In this multiplayer game, players have to build their own territory by invading other bases. In Myth of Empires, players have to traverse through villages, islands, terrains and ancient locations. With the best troops, you have to complete missions.

Myth of Empires has both PvP and PvE quests where players have to survive and craft resources to dominate the territory. The story takes place in multiple civilizations in the worlds of Greece, Persia, Rome and Egypt. You can craft  buildings, unlock crafting stations and get exclusive weapons and armor sets. Myth of Empires  is one of the best MMORPG war games in recent times.

Makers of Myth of Empires have come up with a new announcement. There’s been a change in the game’s price and a new DLC content is out as well.  Myth of Empires v1.0 was just launched with limited content and the next update will add more maps and missions. Before the dlc content arrives, Myth of Empires price has undergone a change. Here’s all about Myth of Empires price, DLC and maps.

Myth of Empires Price, DLC & More

Myth of Empires price

The base pack of Myth of Empires price is $39.99. This also includes the DLC content along with the Dongzhou map. The makers have changed the price and split the base game and DLC into two packs. Myth of Empires base edition of the game will be at $29.99 and the Dongzhou DLC will be available at $9.99.

The price change of Myth of Empires will expand the locations in the game and will keep the players engaged. With following patch updates, the mythical world of Myth of Empires will be large with more qchallenges, maps and characters. The makers will also add a new bundle soon.

Is Myth of Empires a Good Game?

Myth of Empires is an incredible action adventure game where players have to survive against monsters, craft resources, and overcome wars against elite enemies and bosses. Players can use mechanical tools, use recipes and increase the stats. To fight against beasts, players can deploy these tools and equipment. In Myth of Empires, players can power-up bases with animals.

As you progress in the campaign, you can establish administrative regions, become a magistrate and rule the country. With the best build and guild, you can dominate the game. Every mission has unique levels and you can complete these to unlock new achievements in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about the Myth of Empires price, DLC and maps. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Is Myth of Empires Available for Consoles?

No, players can purchase Myth of Empires and play the game on PC through Steam. The game is not available Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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