Genshin Impact has a rich cast of characters and incredibly detailed lore, and one of the latest is Murata who is the God of War in the game

The region of Teyvat is has a rich history with a god for each element. We have already seen some of these gods in some form. There have also been some casual mentions of the other gods. These gods in Genshin Impact are also called Archons.

The Archons preside over an element and their respective city. Mihoyo has also released a teaser for the upcoming story that has some hints about the future of the game.

Murata in Genshin Impact

Murata is the Archon of Pyro. She is also the God of War. Her devout followers live in Natlan and she reigns over the land of Natlan as the battle goddess.

There are very few references to Murata in the game. But she is quite important as the Lady of Fire who controls the Pyro element. Her descendants who have red flaming hair are called Muratans. Venti in the manga makes a reference to the flaming red hair and the Muratan temper. 

Murata and Venessa

Venessa was a hero of Monstadt who lived 1000 years ago. She bore a striking resemblance to the Pyro Archon Murata. As a result she was called as the “flame touched Muratan.” She was a slave in the aristocracy that reigned over Monstadt. 

The First Knight of Monstadt (fandom)

She broke free from her enslavement and brought an end to the Aristocracy. The Anemo Archon Barbatos and a Ragnvindr Knight helped her in her quest. She then established the current City of Mondstadt and the Knights of Favonius, becoming its first Dandelion Knight. 

It is said that she ascended to Celestia, Teyvat’s heaven, and took the form of a falcon becoming one of the four winds. 

Secret connection with Honkai Impact 3rd

Another popular RPG game created by Mihoyo is Honkai Impact 3rd. Die-hard fans of the game have spotted a key detail in the game which might point towards a connection between the two. Honkai Impact 3rd has a character called Murata Himeko. She also has flaming red hair and controls the fire element. Fans are curious whether this is a casual easter egg or are the game universe actually connected somehow.

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Murata Himeko (twitter)

Mihoyo is releasing new content every six weeks. Fans are excited about all the lore and the new areas which they can explore.

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