Here’s all you need to know about Lakers superstar LeBron James’ character in the new game Multiversus.

One of the most fearsome fighters in MultiVersus, LeBron James is quickly establishing himself as a top-tier character thanks to a wide range of techniques that truly let him show off his strength. Which of those techniques, though, may be used in MultiVersus to create LeBron James combos?

LeBron has a typical three-hit combination like other characters, which you can then create extra chain attacks around. The options here are far more than those with certain other characters because his ball is a projectile.

It was announced last week that LeBron James would join MultiVersus. Given that the game has characters like Batman, Superman, and Bugs Bunny fighting it out, many people were surprised by the revelation. 

Even more ridiculous scenes involve the Iron Giant joining forces with another Iron Giant to completely destroy characters like Tom and Jerry. So why is a huge basketball star participating in the fight? because he starred in Space Jam 2: A New Legacy, a 2021 movie from Warner Bros. He naturally fits into this excessively chaotic video game, then.

LeBron James Combos

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The staple of LeBron James’ playstyle is his combos, in which he links ball movements together and employs a variety of mild and powerful assaults to keep opponents stunned or throw them into the air so you can cause more damage. The MultiVersus LeBron James combinations are listed below:

  • Chest Pass Combo
  • Simple Launch Combo
  • Jumping Juggle Combo
  • Dunking Juggle Combo
  • Push Combo

LeBron James’ Moveset

LeBron is a tricky character since most of his attacks and specials depend on whether he is carrying a basketball or not, which is the most crucial thing to keep in mind regarding his moveset. Lebron only has one neutral strike that can be charged. LeBron does a forward armoured charge when he has the ball; when he doesn’t, he pushes with less knockback and a narrower window of armour.

His ball-based grounded side attack is a three-hit combination that launches both him and his opponent into the air. He does a sluggish forward steal without a ball that is identical in the air.

LeBron uses a fast-forward slap as part of his airside ball approach. His low-to-the-ground basketball approach spins the ball on his finger, lifting opponents. He leaps into the air and swipes up without a ball. His strike with his air up is a typical upward-sending manoeuvre. Without a ball, the assault is speedier and more suited to combinations. With a basketball, the animation is shorter but it is one of LeBron’s best ring-out moves.

Best Partners for LeBron in MultiVersus

In two-on-two matches, LeBron excels because he can throw the ball to a teammate and then assist their attacks with a barrage of missiles that leads to an alley-oop dunk. LeBron works best with characters that can generate high-damage combinations, especially if they can include LeBron’s basketball into their combos. Characters who specialize in doing rapid damage with LeBron’s help include Arya and Finn.

He makes for a beefier squad when combined with high-damage bruisers like Batman and Shaggy. A mage class character’s armada combined with LeBron’s continual missiles will make opponents want to go near.


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