Moto GP’s Grand Prix Commission has announced in an official statement that front ride height devices will be banned from the series 2023 onwards due to safety concerns of riders

A meeting of the manufacturers led to a vote of five to one in favor of changing the regulations surrounding front ride high devices with Ducati (the manufacturers who introduced this feature) the only ones to oppose the change.

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Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso of Italy (R) leads Honda rider Marc Marquez of Spain (L) during the MotoGP Japanese Grand Prix at Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Motegi, Tochigi prefecture on October 15, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA

In its official statement the GP Commission announced, “During the meeting of the Commission held in Lusail on 4 March 2022, the GP Commission delegates were asked to consider two alternative proposals on this matter. Both had the objective of preventing further performance improvements and development cost increases. After consideration of the proposals, the following regulation was approved unanimously. The use of any device that modifies or adjusts the motorcycle’s front ride height while it is moving is forbidden. The decision of the Technical Director will be final when determining what constitutes a front ride height device.”

What role does front ride height devices play in Moto GP?

This is a device that allows the rider to lower the front or rear of the bike on bends to get faster speed when exiting the turn. It implies that this device can increase top speed to dangerous levels and many Moto GP drivers have voiced their opinions against this technology. This device was first introduced by manufacturers, Ducati. It is however different from holeshot devices which is not banned by Moto GP.

The holeshot devices function in an opposite way. It allows riders to lower the rear of the bike before the start of the race. Thus lowering its centre of gravity and helping them to accelerate off the line quicker.

Marc Marquez leads the MotoGP grid
AFP Photo

The front ride height devices put the safety of the riders in question. The more the speed and acceleration, the more difficult it is to control the bike. Besides, it adds extra weight and Moto GP bikes are really sensitive to extra weight. Therefore, this decision of prohibiting the front ride height devices has been welcomed. The majority of the Moto GP community including drivers, team owners and staff and manufacturers have welcomed it.

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