Most Beautiful and Stunning Locations and Graphics in Lords of the Fallen



Exploring the beautiful locations in Lords of the Fallen can reward you the best loot. Check out the most beautiful and stunning locations in Lord of the Fallen.

In Lords of the Fallen, you have to travel between two realms throughout your journey. Axiom will be the realm of living and Umbral will be the realm of death. The story starts in the Axiom world and you will be teleported to the other world after getting eliminated or killed. Getting back to Axiom from the Umbral is always dangerous as you have to fight against dozens of creatures and monsters. 

All your experience points will be lost after entering the dangerous Umbral realm. There are many locations in both Umbral and Axiom. To complete boss fights and story quests, you will travel to many locations. Every location is a home for bosses and some locations will be a nightmare for players. But, there are plenty of locations that players instantly love in Lords of the Fallen sequel. These locations contain the best loot, NPCs and more. As it’s an open world game, you can freely roam. Discover the most beautiful locations of Lords of the Fallen here.

Lords of the Fallen Beautiful Locations – Everything You Need to Know

Lords of the Fallen has top-notch visuals. Witnessing the game on the screen is a visual experience. Also, you can change in-game graphics and display settings to enhance visuals. Here are some stunning and magical locations to explore,

Forsaken Fen 

Forsaken Fen is a primary location in the starting phase. You can access this location from the Vestige of Olleren. This zone is completely safe to enter and you will travel through many tunnels and caves. Forsaken Fen, the treacherous swamp is a vast location where you can collect hints of mysterious characters. It holds the traces of a long-lost society and you will also discover the game’s first Hallowed Sentinels’ beacons. 

Forsaken fen
Forsaken Fen

Here, you can find and free the Petrified Woman and  The Iron Wayfarer NPCs. These two NPCs will be your companions once you complete their questlines. You can fight against The Congregator of Flesh, Mendacious Visage and the Hushed Saint bosses. Forsaken Fen doesn’t have many Traps and you can enter easily.

Skyrest Bridge

Known as the NPC hub, Skyrest Bridge has some exquisite locations to explore. You will find trees, wooden ramps, ancient temples and more locations. Skyrest Bridge has many NPC shops and you will find the top-tier weapons of Lords of the Fallen here.

Here, the main checkpoint is Vestige of Ethryg and you will unlock new chapters after defeating the Pieta, She of the Blessed Renewal boss.Tortured Prisoner, Kukajin, Winterberry, Gerlinde, Sparky and Molhu are main companion type NPCs in this worlds. You can buy Armor sets like Kukajin’s Set and Crimson Rector Shield.

Abandoned Redcopse

This is one of the best locations to explore in Lords of the Fallen. A magical location that’s full of blue and purple shades. Here, you can find many forts, falls and long trees. This will be your very first location after completing the tutorial. This swampy area has some vines and traps. The paths will be confusing at times and you can access this location from Vestige of Marco the Axe.

Lords of the fallen beautiful locations
Abandoned Redcopse

Holy Bulwark Otto will be the first boss fight of the game that takes place inside a green forest of the Abandoned Redcopse. Here, you can farm Umbral Scouring, Tacitus’ Journal, Flayed Skins and Wooden Cross.


Cistern is a primary dungeon where you will traverse across cells, tunnels and terrains. This location doesn’t have any checkpoints, but you can beat Bringer bosses and earn exclusive items like Fungal Bowman Bow and Raw Mangler Sleeves. You can enter inside houses and buildings to find some quest items like keys. Cistern doesn’t have many enemies and you can spawn directly from the Sunless Skein.

Sunless Skein

Sunless Skein is a prominent location that becomes available in mid stages of the game. This is more like a city where you will traverse across tunnels, caves and bridges. The paths here are interconnected and it will take you to other zones. Sunless Skein is full of trees, lamps, houses and streetlights. You can find many mysterious caves and trees. Here, you can find the Byron NPC and complete side-quests.

The best rewards from Sunless Skein are Sovereign  Protector Gauntlets, Helm and Leggings. Farm runes by defeating enemies including Proselyte, Remnant and Mendacious Visage.

These are the most beautiful locations to explore in Lords of the Fallen. The best thing about these spots is that they have the best atmosphere and loot resources with minimum danger. Travel to these worlds and explore  stunning and mind-blowing locations.


Can You Farm Umbral Scouring Easily in Lords of the Fallen?

You can farm Umbral Scouring by defeating enemies and completing boss fights. They can be purchased from traders and NPCs. Also, you can open hidden treasure chests to farm these currency. In Lords of the Fallen, Umbral Scouring is your money that can be used to purchase all , weapons equipment and in-game resources.

Is Lords of the Sequel Set in the same universe of its Predecessor?

Lords of the Fallen 2023 is a sequel and it begins 1000 years later from its predecessor. The challenges will be tricky and new melee weapons have been unveiled. LotF 2023 will be a dark fantasy game that supports two players in co-op mode. This RPG has fantastic visuals and intriguing stories. Play as an adventurer and begin your journey to slay demons in the realms.

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