Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer: Meet Doshaguma and Balahara in New Gameplay!


Did you see the newly-released Monster Hunter Wilds trailer at Summer Game Fest? Well, we have a whole breakdown of it, so don’t panic if you missed it.

 If you missed it, the latest Monster Hunter Wilds trailer dropped at the Summer Game Fest 2024, and it’s nothing short of epic. With flawless transitions between dramatic narrative and intense gameplay, this sneak view promises the most realistic hunting experience yet. Prepare yourself to enter an adventure and danger-filled universe!

Who is Doshaguma in the Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer?

Doshaguma is among the new trailer’s outstanding stars. Imagine this: a hunter on the Windward Plains alone confronting a pack of these ferocious animals. Released alongside the Monster Hunter Wilds trailer, the artwork depicts the hostile and unforgiving surroundings you will be negotiating in Monster Hunter Wilds. Doshaguma is a symbol of the unrelenting difficulties you will face in this wild planet, not only of a new monster. Are you ready to start them?

A Tease of Another Shocking Monster

Although Doshaguma and Balahara are front and center, the teaser also alluded to another monster that left viewers buzzing with enthusiasm. Though the specifics are still under wraps, you can almost sure it will be revolutionary. Stay vigilant for more updates!

How Will Crossplay Enhance Your Hunting Experience?

Monster Hunter Wilds will include crossplay across all platforms, something the community is applauding. You can team up with other hunters without any restrictions whether your preferred platform is Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox. For the Monster Hunter series, this promises a more connected and cooperative hunting experience, so transforming the game. So get your buddies, wherever they play, ready for epic hunts right alongside!

Meet Balahara, the Serpentine Leviathan

Monster Hunter Wilds trailer
Monster Hunter Wilds trailer

The Monster Hunter Wilds trailer also revealed Balahara, a leviathan living in the desert whose serpentine body glides over the ground with ease. Balahara is a clever predator, not only about physical force. It can easily negotiate difficult terrain or eject mucus to target prey. And if that is insufficient to make you cautious, its capacity to create quicksand traps most certainly will. These traps can grab anything from a monster to a naive hunter. About ready to challenge your abilities against this fresh leviathan?

More Exciting News Coming at Gamescom

The Summer Game Fest was only starting point. Mark Gamescom, beginning on August 21, on your calendars for even more Monster Hunter Wilds news to be revealed. Gamescom is poised to provide all the delicious updates you need, from gameplay specifics to fresh monster reveals. Keep tuned to not miss what Monster Hunter Wilds has in store!


The most exciting Monster Hunter adventure yet looks to be set by the most recent teaser for Monster Hunter Wilds. There is never a better time to be a hunter with fierce new monsters like Doshaguma and Balahara, crossplay, and more news on horizon. Get ready to face the wild, hone your weapons, assemble your squad!

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