Monday Night Seth Rollins – 4 hits and 3 misses from WWE Raw 10 August 2020


The Messiah Seth Rollins was at his best as he took apart Dominik Mysterio

WWE has two of the best heels working on Raw and they both were excellent on this week’s show.

While Randy Orton showed just why he is the Viper and is on a missing to reclaim gold, Seth Rollins lived up to his Messiah nickname as he took apart Dominik Mysterio.

Randy Orton speaks with Ric Flair on this week's Raw
Randy Orton and Rick Flair on Raw (WWE)

There were some other great segments too and some that just didn’t click. Here are the hits and misses from this week’s Raw.


1) Wasting talent on screen

WWE has a massive roster and it isn’t easy for every star to get a lot of time on TV. That is fine, however, WWE wasting talent on insipid storylines or matches isn’t.

Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott deserve better on WWE Raw. However, their rivalry isn’t cutting it and we have written about this time and again.

R-Truth pins Akira Tozawa for the 24/7 title
R-Truth pins Akira Tozawa for the 24/7 title (WWE)

Akira Tozawa is a great talent but WWE has reduced him to a faux ninja leader for no reason. While it seemed that Tozawa becoming the 24/7 champion would lead to more interesting matches, he was made a joke later on in the evening.

2) A joke of a title

When Shelton Benjamin won the 24/7 title, there was actual belief that WWE would take this title seriously.

However, Benjamin lost it the next week and Tozawa became the champion. This week, the WWE made a joke of it all again as R-Truth impersonated a ninja and took the title from Tozawa.

Now, Truth is a legend for his comedic bits for the 24/7 title needs to be more interesting. It is far from the case now, and well, this title doesn’t pique interest anymore.

3) The first rule of Raw Underground

Raw Underground was back for its second outing and it failed to fix any of the problems from the first episode.

Shane McMahon came on Raw Undeground
Shane McMahon and Shayna Baszler on Raw (WWE)

Shayna Baszler coming on didn’t help it one bit either. There is no structure to this segment and while that might be a selling point with the unexpected happening, we still don’t know what actually goes on in this and what is the end game of it all.


1) The Viper attacks a close one

Randy Orton not only hit Ric Flair with a low blow and punt kicked him. He proved just how dangerous he can be and took out one of his weaknesses himself. Flair could have cost Orton the title but he won’t be a problem anymore.

Randy Orton is one of the greatest WWE stars ever
Randy Orton wants a piece of Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam 2020 (WWE)

Kudos to WWE for the lights going out as he hit Flair too as it protected the legend. However, Orton has his fangs out and the only thing standing in his way from becoming champion is the champ, Drew McIntyre.

2) Monday Night Rollins

Speaking on fangs, Rollins showed off his even before he destroyed Dominik. The Monday Night Messiah was exceptional on the microphone before facing off against Humberto Carrillo and made light work of his rival.

Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe and Dominik in the ring
Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe and Dominik in the ring (WWE)

Rollins then took on another role as he taunted Rey while beating down his son, Dominik. The call outs to Rey were brilliant too and we got to see the best of Seth this week.

3) Dominik’s initiation

Dominik proved he isn’t just on Raw to beat people up, he also took a massive beating by Rollins and Murphy tonight.

Seth Rollins attacks Dominik Mysterio with a kendo stick
Seth Rollins attacks Dominik Mysterio with a kendo stick (WWE)

His body was littered with bruises and red swelling as he was unloaded on by kendo sticks. The pictures shared after the battering told a story in itself. Dominik is a tough fighter and he won’t crack at all while in WWE.

4) Asuka gets her shot

Asuka vs Bayley had SummerSlam implications and the Japanese star got the better of her rival.

This also ensured that Asuka would face Sasha Banks as she tried to reclaim her title.

Bayley and Asuka on Raw
Bayley and Asuka on Raw (WWE)

However, the match between the two was the best of the night, and it would PPV worthy. While Asuka is a gifted athlete, Bayley put on a technical show too and both ladies impressed.

Asuka might have got the win to progress the story but Bayley deserves a ton of credit for that too.

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