Mobile Legends Bang Bang Character Tier List March 2022


Mobile Legends Bang Bang has over 100 characters with different unique abilities. Here is our Mobile Legends Tier List to help you choose the best ones and win games easily.

Mobile Legends, already in its fifth year, has built a character roster of over 100 unique brawlers from which gamers can choose. But, like with every competitive game, a meta evolves over time, pushing some characters to the bottom of the barrel. If you feel the same way about your main, check out our Mobile Legends tier list below. You might just discover a new path to the top of the rated ladder.

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang Overall Tier List

TierMobile Legends Bang Bang Heroes
SBenedetta, Selena, Saber, Lancelot, Chou, Jawhead, Paquito, X-borg, Roger, Esmeralda, Alice, Harith, Eudora, Kagura, Granger, Wanwan, Miya, Brody, Diggie, Rafaela, Kaja, Khufra, Tigreal
AAngela, Mathilda, Hanabi, Claude, Yi Sun-Shin, Valir, Chang’e, Harley, Lunox, Yve, Pharsa, Silvana, Hilda, Yu-Zhong, Bane, Aldous, Sun, Phoveus, Hayabusa, Karina, Helcurt, Ling
BGusion, Natalia, Guinevere, Lapu-lapu, Freya, Zilong, Cyclops, Cecilion, Lou-Yi, Bruno, Layla, Kimmy, Irithel, Popol and Kupa, Carmilla, Estes, Faramis, Akai, Gatotkaca, Hylos, Atlas
CBaxia, Grock, Belerick, Lolita, Karrie, Nana, Zask, Kadita, Badang, Alucard, Alpha, Ruby, Argus, Leomord, Balmond, Fanny
DHanzo, Martis, Terizla, khaleed, Masha, Aurora, Odette, Vale, Lylia, Clint, Moskov, Franco, Minotaur
FLesley, Gord, Vexanna, Minsithar, Dyroth, Thamuz
S tier assassin in Mobile Legends
Selena in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Assassin Class Tier List

The Assassin class, as its name suggests, focuses on snatching weak adversaries. They’re difficult to play because they’re delicate and require dexterous use of abilities to chase down their victim. To tilt the balance in your team’s favour, their high burst damage must be focused on the appropriate targets.

TierMobile Legends Assassin
SSelena, Saber, Benedetta, Lancelot
AHayabusa, Karina, Helcurt, Ling
BGusion, Natalia

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Fighter Class Tier List

Fighters are melee range characters with a versatile and well-balanced skill set to contribute to a team. Their damage accumulates over time, and they’re rather durable, though not as tough as a Tank. They can be customised to meet the specific demands of your team.

S tier fighter in Mobile Legends
Chou in Mobile Legends Bang Bang
TierMobile Legends Fighters
SChou, X-borg, Jawhead, Paquito, Roger
AHilda, Yu-Zhong, Silvana, Aldous, Sun, Phoveus
BLapu-Lapu, Guinevere, Freya, Zilong
CBadang, Alucard, Alpha, Ruby, Leomord, Argus, Balmond
DMartis, Terizla, Khaleed, Masha
FDyroth, Minsithar, Thamuz

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mage Class Tier List

TierMobile Legends Mage
SAlice, Esmeralda, Harith, Eudora, Kagura, 
AValir, Chang’e, Harley, Lunox, Yve, Pharsa
BCyclops, Cecillion, Lou-Yi
CNana, Zask, Kadita
DAurora, Odette, Vale, Lylia
FGord, Vexanna
A tier mage in Mobile Legends
Valir in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Marksman Class Tier List

Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends are high-damage ranged characters, sometimes known as attack damage carriers. They are highly good at pushing towers and get more strong as the game progresses. As a marksman, it’s critical to keep an eye on your positioning and keep an eye out for tougher opponents early on, as you may not have the tools to escape or retaliate.

TierMobile Legends Marksman
SGranger, Wanwan, Miya, Brody
AHanabi, Claude, Yi Sun-Shin
BBruno, Layla, Kimmy, Irithel, Popol and Kupa
DClint, Moskov
S tier marksman in Mobile Legends
Granger in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Support Class Tier List

Predictably, the Support class’s role is to protect your teammates, whether by healing them, shielding them, or keeping attackers from approaching them. These heroes don’t deal a lot of damage, but they make a big difference with buffs and debuffs.

TierMobile Legends Support
SDiggie, Rafaela, Kaja
AKaja, Angela
CCarmilla, Estes
S support hero in Mobile Legends
Diggie in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tank Class Tier List

Tanks are powerful, aggressive initiates with a large health pool and a variety of talents to shield allies and lock down adversaries, while their damage is minimal compared to other Mobile Legends characters. These heroes are frequently utilised as bait or in team fights to induce an opponent’s reaction due to their ability to endure severe burst damage.

TierMobile Legends Tank
SKhufra, Tigreal
ABarats, Uranus, Gloo, Johnson
BAkai, Gatotkaca, Hylos, Atlas
CBaxia, Grock, Belerick
DFranco, Lolita
S tier tank in Mobile Legends
Khufra in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MOBAs are notoriously addicting, and Moonton’s mobile offering boasts a devoted following that rivals that of genre heavyweights like League of Legends and Dota 2, as well as a vast hero pool to match. You can use our Mobile Legends tier list to get right in with the strongest, most impactful Mobile Legends characters and know which of your adversaries are the most dangerous on the battlefield without spending hours looking over stats and trialling each of the heroes.

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