PFL in deep waters after being flagged for suspicious betting activity


Professional Fighters League’s inaugural Challenger Series event on Friday has reportedly been flagged for suspicious betting activity over false live broadcast claims

Professional Fighters League has found itself in a pickle and spot after their first edition of the Challenger Series event on Friday was reportedly been flagged for suspicious betting activity.

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According to ESPN’s Paula Lavigne and David Purdum, the event that was originally being promoted as a live broadcast on fuboTV, was later claimed by PFL to have already taken place a week earlier. The odds of course had moved significantly in favor of each of the winning fighters on Friday afternoon leading up to the broadcast.

According to U.S. Integrity, a Las Vegas-based company that monitors betting markets, an alert was sent to sportsbooks the day after the event confirming with the PFL that the fights were pre-filmed on March 25th.

“It’s very possible that any potentially suspicious wagering activity is indicative of nefarious behavior,” U.S. Integrity wrote in the alert, recommending that sportsbooks that offered wagering on the event notify state regulators.

The Arizona Department of Gaming is apparently removing PFL from its wagering catalog, and the Colorado Division of Gaming is investigating the matter.

Who Owns PFL?

Professional Fighters League was formed in 2018 after the company acquired World Series of Fighting organization. The CEO of the company is Peter Murray. MMAX Investment Partners hold an ownership stake of PFL. Russ Ramsey and Donn Davis started PFL, while Davis and Ramsey both come from the Virginia-based firm that purchased fighting operations and event infrastructure of the World Series of Fighting back in 2017.

Another stake holder of the PFL is popular hip-hop sensation Wiz Khalifa. With a reported net worth of $60 million, Khalifa is one of the richest rappers currently. He is also a huge fan of MMA, and can be seen training alongside Ernie Reyes Jr., Nate Diaz’s kick-boxing coach.

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