Jake Paul Accuses Dillon Danis of Being a ‘Puppet’ in Trash Talk Saga


Jake Paul Accuses Dillon Danis of Being a ‘Puppet’ in Trash Talk Saga

In a candid interview with TMZ Sports, Jake Paul has weighed in on the ongoing war of words between his brother, Logan Paul, and Dillon Danis, dubbing Danis a “puppet” in a strategic move that’s ultimately lining Logan’s pockets. The Paul brothers have been at the center of a media frenzy leading up to their highly anticipated boxing match.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Danis, a former Bellator MMA fighter, has taken to social media to unleash a barrage of trash talk aimed at Logan Paul and even involved Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, by posting pictures of her with her previous partners, attempting to embarrass his opponent.

While acknowledging that Danis has occasionally crossed the line in his prefight antics, Jake Paul emphasized the calculated nature of their strategy. He stated, “My brother could’ve fought anybody, and he picks this kid who he knows is gonna make the fight massive.” Jake believes that the buzz generated by the verbal sparring between Logan and Danis is driving interest in the fight, translating into pay-per-view sales that will directly benefit Logan financially.

Jake Paul didn’t hold back in his assessment of Danis, referring to him as a “puppet” in the grand scheme of things, with Logan strategically selecting him to maximize the fight’s exposure.

In addition to discussing the Paul brothers’ feud with Danis, Jake Paul also delved into his Betr business, highlighting its new fantasy vertical, Betr Picks. He stressed that Betr’s primary goal is to provide users with the best possible experience and emphasized his commitment to delivering a top-notch product in the space.

Jake Paul Clarifies His Role in Logan’s Feud with Dillon Danis

Jake Paul has finally addressed why he hasn’t stepped in to defend his brother, Logan Paul, as the feud with Dillon Danis escalates, with some critics labeling him a “bad brother.” In the past, the Paul brothers have typically supported each other when facing external conflicts, but this time, Jake has taken a different approach.

As Logan gears up for his showdown with former UFC fighter Dillon Danis on October 14, things have turned deeply personal, with Danis targeting Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, by posting photos of her with previous partners, some of which are fake.

Despite the intensity of Danis’s attacks, Logan has maintained his composure, claiming he’s “not fazed” by the provocations, even though Dillon has hinted at possessing a damaging photo that could jeopardize the fight.

Jake Paul, known for intervening in his brother’s disputes, finally addressed the situation on September 4 via an Instagram story. He responded to claims that he has been a “bad brother” to Logan, stating, “People are saying, Jake, you haven’t come to your brother’s defense… like, defense of what? Logan is going to knock the fcking sit out of this kid, that’s all that matters.”

Jake emphasized that the ongoing back-and-forth is merely a tactic to boost fight sales and increase Logan’s earnings. He dismissed the need for intervention over “little, widdle, bitty tweets,” asserting that Logan doesn’t require his assistance in defending against such provocations.

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