What happened to Eric Hosmer? Why he is not playing for Cubs?



All you need to know about why is Eric Hosmer of the Chicago Cubs not playing in the MLB anymore.

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What happened to Eric Hosmer? Why he is not playing for Cubs? 3

Eric Hosmer, a veteran first baseman, was designated for assignment by the Chicago Cubs last week, according to a statement made by the club. Because of this move, an open spot has been found for outfielder Mike Tauchman on both the 26-man and the 40-man roster.

Hosmer, who is 33 years old, has shown significant improvement.This season, he has exactly 100 at-bats, and he has a batting line of 234/280/330 with two home runs. In the beginning of this month, the Chicago Cubs called up their top prospect Matt Mervis to play first base. The Cubs typically rotate players through the designated hitter position, with Trey Mancini getting the most at-bats there. Hosmer was not contributing to the team’s production, nor did he have a clearly delineated role.

Hosmer is owed the remaining $13 million of his salary for this season in addition to an additional $26 million beginning in 2024-25. However, the San Diego Padres are responsible for paying virtually the entire sum. After acquiring Hosmer at the trade deadline during the previous summer and then releasing him during the winter, the Boston Red Sox are responsible for paying his league minimum salary from 2023 until 2025. Hosmer is only obligated to pay the league minimum to the Cubs in 2023.

After Hosmer has passed through waivers and been declared free, any team that wants to can sign him for the prorated minimum salary for the league. Despite the fact that Hosmer has been a below-average hitter at best for the past five years, he does offer leadership skills and a championship pedigree, including a ring from the World Series won with the Royals, a Silver Slugger, and four Gold Gloves. It’s possible that he won’t attract much interest until another team suffers an injury and finds themselves in need of a first baseman.

When was Eric Hosmer drafted into the MLB?

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Eric Hosmer, a skilled first baseman, entered Major League Baseball (MLB) on June 5, 2008. The Kansas City Royals picked him in the first round of the MLB Draft as the third overall selection.

Eric Hosmer was born on October 24, 1989, in South Miami, Florida, and was raised in a family deeply involved in baseball. His father, Mike Hosmer, had played college baseball, and his younger brother, Mike Jr., also pursued a career in the sport. Growing up, Hosmer was immersed in a baseball-centric environment that instilled a profound passion and love for the game from an early age.

Hosmer attended American Heritage High School in Plantation, Florida, where his exceptional abilities quickly garnered attention, making him one of the most highly regarded prospects in the country. With his smooth left-handed swing and strong defensive skills, he caught the eye of scouts from across the nation.

Recognizing Hosmer’s considerable potential, the Kansas City Royals selected him with the third overall pick in the 2008 MLB Draft. This marked the beginning of his professional journey within the Royals’ minor league system.

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