What happened to Carlos Rodon?



All you need to know about the extent of the injury of Carlos Rodon and how it will impact the New York Yankees

Carlos Rodon
What happened to Carlos Rodon? 2

The Yankees spent $162 million to acquire Carlos Rodon during the offseason, but the left forearm muscle strain he suffered during spring training will force him to begin the 2023 season on the injured list. This is another setback for New York’s starting rotation.

According to Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees, Rodon went in for an MRI on Wednesday, and the results showed that he had a mild strain of the left brachioradialis, which is a superficial forearm muscle. This injury is comparable to one that he sustained last season while playing for the Giants.

Rodon stated that he was feeling hopeful about the injury, particularly due to the fact that it occurred during the spring, and he went on to emphasize that he would pitch through it had it occurred at a vital point in the season.

Rodon made his spring training debut on Sunday against the Atlanta Braves, but he struggled with his velocity throughout the game. As a result, he gave up five runs on six hits, including two home runs. Cashman stated that Rodon’s fastball velocity in his first start, which he estimated to be between 91 and 94 miles per hour, was not abnormal, but the Yankees did not notice any warning signs at the time.

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