“I was heartbroken and crushed” Mickie James opens up about working with WWE and the trash-Bag Incident


Mickie James opens up on WWE stint

Mickie James discussed her time in WWE with a bitter ending with the company, while talking on Busted Open Radio.

James won her first Divas Championship defeating Maryse in 2009 and became one of the rare women’s wrestlers to hold both the Women’s and Divas titles. James has captured six Women’s Championships.

She spoke about her first release from WWE by Vince McMahon and how she returned. James then suffered an ACL injury in WWE, soon after which she was release again in April 2021. She was quoted saying:

Mickie James
Mickie James made a long awaited return from an ACL tear in 2020

Having spent one and a half decades, James also reveals that she expected better from the company for her service:

“I try to stay humble and I feel very respectful in a lot of situations,” James said. “But I felt a lot of that. I don’t deserve, like, had I not put up with enough s–t at this point twenty some years in the business? Granted I was in the company for fifteen years.

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Mickie James was a Divas and Women’s Champion

” I think it’s because I’ve been wrestling on television for fifteen years. If you think about it, I didn’t win the championship once in my last four and a half years there, not once. I was kind of in the title picture, but it never really had a pay off or anything like that. I don’t know.”

h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription of the interview by Busted Open Radio.

Mickie James devasted after first release in WWE

Mickie James also reveals how she felt the first time she was released by Vince McMahon and how it affected her. James moved to IMPACT Wrestling where she won the Knockout Championship. She made her second welcome return to WWE allying with Alexa Bliss.

She said, “The first time I got let go and I received my stuff like that, it broke my heart,”. It like totally, it hit me in a different way. Because I truly believed that was my dream job, I had worked so hard to get there. My dream was taken away, I was heartbroken, I was crushed. And now I get my stuff and my trash bag and my box, and it’s this is just a complete statement of what they think of me.’ This time looking at it I go, ‘yeah they still do this.’

Mickie James
The former WWE star is set to produce an all women’s PPV with New Wrestling Alliance

James is now going ahead with producing an all women’s pay-per-view event for NWA, which did not go well with Triple H.

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