Michelle McCool – The Undertaker wife, her family, WWE career and more


Michelle McCool, the wife of The Undertaker was quite a successful WWE wrestler

Michelle McCool was born on the 25th of January in 1980. She worked as a middle school teacher due to her parents’ educational background, before joining the WWE in 2004.

Her pro-wrestling career was entirely in the WWE, and it had to be cut-short due to injury troubles. She married the Undertaker in the year 2010.

Michelle McCool and The Undertaker Families

Michelle McCool was born to parents Terry McCool and Mary McCool, both of whom worked in the education field. Her interest in professional-wrestling even before turning 10, carved a path for her WWE career eventually.

Her husband, The Undertaker was born to Frank Compton Calaway (died 2003) and Betty Catherine Truby. He showed a lot of interest in American football and basketball from a very young age. But in 1986 he decided to pursue professional wrestling.

Michelle McCool’s husband The Undertaker

Michelle McCool married the Undertaker on the 26th of June in 2010. She had been previously in a relationship with Jeremy Alexander.

Following their marriage, the couple became parents to a daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway in the year 2012.

The Undertaker with wife Michelle McCool (Cagesideseats.com)
The Undertaker with wife Michelle McCool (Cagesideseats.com)

The Undertaker, on the other hand, has three kids from his previous relationships. He has a son named Vincent Calaway who was born in 1993 to his first wife Jodi Lynn. After splitting with Lynn in 2000, he married Sara Frank.

He has two daughters named Chasey and Gracie Calaway with Sara Frank. The Undertaker divorced Sara Frank in 2007. Three years later he married Michelle McCool.

The pair have been happily living ever since, and are one of the most powerful couples in the pro-wrestling business.

Following a glorious career in WWE, The Undertaker will soon be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at WrestleMania 38.

Michelle McCool WWE career

McCool first made her WWE appearance in 2004. She appeared on WWE Diva Search. McCool made her in-ring debut against Dawn Marie in a tag-team match alongside the Big Show, in 2005. She was sidelined for a while due to an allergic reaction.

In 2006, she returned with a Sexy Teacher Gimmick, as a heel. Following moderate success she then came back as the All-American Diva in 2008. In 2009, she defeated Melina to win her first ever WWE championship, after five years with the promotion.

Later in 2009, she formed a pairing with Layla, called LayCool, which is one of the most popular women’s pro-wrestling pairings to date.

The pair were successful on another level, before they disbanded in April 2011.

Michelle McCool Injuries and Ailments

Michelle McCool’s career was troubled with a lot of injuries and ailments. Right in the beginning of her career she suffered an allergic reaction that sidelined her for more than 6 months.

In 2006, McCool was hospitalized due to an enlarged kidney, broken sternum and an electrolyte imbalance, which had her hospitalized for 5 months.

Michelle McCool (WWE), The Undertaker Wife
Michelle McCool (WWE)

She announced her retirement from pro-wrestling when she was only 31 years old. In 2016, McCool was diagnosed with Skin cancer and underwent treatment successfully. She has also opened up about suffering from infertility issues.

Michelle McCool net worth

Michelle McCool has an impressive net worth of $4 million. Thanks to her 7 year-long WWE career.

Her average earnings during her prime were between $150,000 and $250,000. Had it not been for her injuries McCool would have been one of the greatest female superstars, and her net worth would have been much higher.

Not much is known about the brands McCool endorses. However, she does take part in various charities like Charity Marathon, CC4C “Cheyenne’s Champions for Children.”

FAQs about Michelle McCool

When did Michelle McCool marry the Undertaker?

Michelle McCool and The Undertaker married on the 26th of June, 2010.

What is Michelle McCool’s age?

Michelle McCool is 42 years old.

When did Michelle McCool make her WWE debut?

Michelle McCool made her WWE debut in the year 2004 at the WWE Diva Search.

Who was Michelle McCool’s tag team partner?

Michelle McCool’s tag team partner was Layla

Does Michelle McCool have kids?

Michelle McCool has one daughter with the Undertaker, named Kaia Faith Calaway.

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