Michael Jordan Private Jet: here’s everything you need to about it


GOAT in NBA, Michael Jordan owns ridiculously expensive things. From a US$ 500,000 watch collection to an estimated US$ 1.6 billion sports team. One such expensive belonging is his private jet. Let us go through the Michael Jordan Private Jet.

When it comes to NBA, Michael Jordan is the 1st name on everybody’s list. Regarded as the greatest of all time, the NBA Megastar has his gigantic lifestyle. With this comes the humongous collection of expensive belongings which gives glitters to his stardom.

His worthy collection of expensive things list has a variety. His watch collections are estimated to be around US$ 500,000 while the car collection is worth US$ 5 million. Jordan apparently has a fleet of Lamborghinis and Ferraris in his garage. Jordan also owns cars like Bugatti Veyron, Ford GT, and Porche Carrera GT.

For his sea transportation (a purpose it actually should serve) he has a lavish yacht worth US$ 80 million parked just near mere (against other acquired things) US$ 8 million fishing boat. The house he lives in is a multi-million mansion and also has homes in different cities of the US.

Michael Jordan Private jet
The private plane of Michael Jordan parked at Griffiss Wednesday afternoon – Courtesy

Then is our topic of discussion – the Michael Jordan private jet.

Jordan is known for his plays and earned the name “Air Jordan”. Though it does not possess any specific airline or stake in any major airline company, he owns an iconic, stylish, and one-kind jet for his commute.

Michael Jordan owns a private jet – Gulfstream G550. The jet originally was in the signature powder blue and white colors. It also had the Jordan logo on the tail. His iconic jersey number and six titles worked into an “N236MJ” as code. This can be seen as a certain impact in the sky.

Later, he gave it a beautification in proper MJ fashion. He went for color and design change to fit his style. The Gulfstream G550 is now in an elephant print design. It also resembles Michael’s famous Jordan Brand shoes. And the code “N236MJ” remains on the jet.

The original cost of the Gulfstream G550 jet is around US$61.5 million. And you can easily get the idea of extra costs for the custom design. It has an inbuilt bar, Cigar station, and entertainment set within. That is all the luxuries in the air for his Airness.

It is but obvious that the plane is technically very sound. The 16 passenger jet can be in the air for 12 hrs. It also has an additional capacity of 4 crew members. It can reach up to 51,000 feet and carry a load of around 6000 pounds. Jet has a lighting speed of 1050 km/hr.

To own and even to maintain such luxurious assets people might also question the income of the “retired” player.

Michael Jordan income and Net worth

One might be surprised to know that the player who is at his best for so many years, winning 6 titles for the franchise (still the Bulls are on 6 tittles) was not the highest-paid player. Yes, Jordan had a lesser salary than some of his teammates.

In his 15 years career, his total earning was nearly US$ 94 million, an average of around US$ 6.3 million a year. His highest earning was US$ 33 million in his last year with the Bulls. This salary will be around the cost of his private yacht alone.

So his other and major source of income is the endorsements he got during his playing career. The megastar nearly had all the big brands in the US under his umbrella of advertisements and endorsements.

His agent Falk got him contracts from Gatorade, Hans, and McDonald’s, etc. But the most lucrative deal is the one he signed with Nike in 1994. The deal was signed for 5 years initially with starting with a $500,000 contract. Now the NBA GOAT has a lifetime deal with Nike.

His famous “Air Jordan” shoe line is from Nike only. This has made over $3 billion as of 2021. Nike has shown full trust in Jordan and offered five percent royalties for all of Nike’s gross sales. This earning itself is over $180 million in the past 12 months.

Well, it’s not only Nike that has played a huge part in Jordan’s earnings, but the player is known for his command in the investment market also.

MJ 1
Basketball – NBA – Charlotte Hornets v Milwaukee Bucks – AccorHotels Arena, Paris, France – January 24, 2020 Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan during a pre match press conference REUTERS/Benoit Tessier – RC2JME9ECG33

Jordan as an investor

Jordan joined hands with the Lakers superstar Magic Johnson for investment in aXiomatic in 2018. aXiomatic is now valued at US$320 million. It is a parent company of one of the most popular esports squad Team Liquid.

Jordan partnered with his ex-fellow NBA stars like Wes Edens from the Bucks and the LA Lakers Jeanie Buss, Boston Celtics’ Wyc Grousbeck—launched a super-premium tequila brand, Cincoro, in 2020.

Michael Jordan has some solo investments also. He participated in funding for Gigster, the marketplace for freelance tech talent. Gigster is based in San Francisco a tech hub for the world. Also, he founded Sportradar, a Switzerland-based sports data provider.

His major investment though is in an NBA team Charlotte Hornets and also the Jordan Brand. The NBA team values billions in 2021. Also, MJ joined the investor group that bought MLB’s Miami Marlins for $1.2 billion in 2017. Really, going after every sport he played. 

Apart from all sports-related investments he has an investment in an audio company Muzik – which is famous for its headphones. Jordan also owns a car dealership and Michael Jordan Stake-house which has four major and 23 other Jordan-branded restaurants. (Phew a tycoon really)

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