Matt Riddle was set to debut on SmackDown but the WWE star has now been accused of sexual abuse

WWE star Matt Riddle became the latest wrestler to be accused of sexual abuse.

The former UFC star has been on NXT for the entirety of his WWE career but was shifted to SmackDown recently.

Matt Riddle has a decent net worth thanks to his wrestling and MMA days
Matt Riddle is currently signed with the WWE (WWE)

He was expected to make his debut on Friday Night SmackDown this week.

Candy Cartwright, an independent wrestler, shared some rather horrific details of how Riddle took advantage of her.

She joined the #SpeakingOut movement after several other wrestlers from the British scene were named.

Cartwright posted how Riddle had actually taken advantage of her and this was back in 2018. All of this happened while she, Riddle and a few others were travelling.

Cartwright then continued posting about Riddle:

“Back in May of 2018 I was riding with Matt Riddle and a few other wrestlers. During the van ride, when the 3 other wrestlers had fallen asleep, Matt asked me to ‘hop on his d***’. When I refused (although we had previously been together I was

“incredibly uncomfortable in that setting ) When I said no, he grabbed me by my throat, choked me and said ‘what if I just made you?’ I ended up giving him oral s** (praying someone wouldn’t wake up) to get out of having intercourse with him. It was incredibly humiliating.”

Cartwright ended by saying that it is never right to put hands on another woman.

The timing of this all is problematic for Riddle, and the Original Bro joined WWE in July 2018.

Hearing the other side of the story

El Ligero and Jordan Devlin are two other WWE stars who have been called out in the #SpeakingOut movement.

WWE star El Ligero has been accused of sexual harassment by Natalie Sykes
WWE star El Ligero has been accused of sexual harassment by Natalie Sykes (WWE)

However, we have to hear the other side of the story before coming to a conclusion. Riddle has been married to Lisa, his wife, since 2011. The pair also have three children together while Cartwright has said that she was with Riddle in the past.

Many WWE stars posted their disgust over their fellow stars regarding the sexual harassment accusations with Pete Dunne posting a lot since he is one of the biggest British wrestlers.

Dunne and Riddle have been tag partners on NXT, but Dunne is stuck in the United Kingdom due to travel restrictions.

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