Matt and Reby Hardy announced the birth of a new baby yesterday, the third in the family.

Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, gave birth to their third child and the Broken One reacted as expected

Matt and Reby Hardy announced the birth of a new baby yesterday, the third in the family.

The Hardys were already blessed with two boys and a third one has joined the family. Bartholomew “Bartie” Kit Hardy joins his big brothers Wolfgang Xander and Maxel.

WWE Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy and his wife welcomed another son to their family recently (Image credit: WWE)

Bartie was born at the Hardy’s home and Matt spoke to People about how happy he was with extending the family:

“I’ve grown more excited with each new addition to our family, and Bartie was no exception.

“I was ecstatic to witness my son be born at home, and the love I already have for him is indescribable.”

Who is Reby Hardy?

Reby, the wife of Matt Hardy, is a professional wrestler in her own right. She has worked in several movies, series and has appeared in several publications as a model too.

The 33-year-old began her wrestling career at Lucha Libre USA before making several appearances at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

She was involved in several storylines with the Hardys (Jeff too) and made the switch from TNA to WWE with the duo.

Reby also featured in the Ultimate Deletion storyline in WWE where Matt faced off against Bray Wyatt.

The Hardy Boyz, as they were known, came back to WWE and won the tag titles. However, Jeff has been out of action due to an injury while Matt has been seen in a few episodes of Raw.

What next for the Hardys?

Matt and Reby had shared a lot of photos before the new baby arrived. The pair have continued posting updates about the new member of the family.

It will be interesting to see when Matt and Jeff return to WWE though. The pair created an incredible gimmick with the ‘Broken’ angle, and that featured several quality segments.

WWE never really explored that to its full capacity, and there could be room to continue with that later on.

Matt has continued doing his work on social media and has posted the ‘Free The Delete’ episodes on his YouTube account.

However, he should spend more time with the latest member of the family, and we wish all the Hardys the best as they continue their weird and wonderful ways.

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