Maplestory Leveling Guide 2022 – How to level up characters


Want to know how you can level up your character quickly in Maplestory? Read our Maplestory leveling guide till the end.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game MapleStory is a side-scrolling, 2D game available on a variety of platforms. It is free to play. Despite the fact that the Korean version of this game was released two decades ago, it remains one of the most popular games in its genre. There is a multitude of monsters in the game and several lands and dimensions to explore.

It is a game that provides lots of customization options for players. As a beginner, it can be difficult to choose the best training locations to level up your characters since there are a lot of maps to explore and plenty of monsters to kill. Therefore, here is the Maplestory leveling guide that will tell you how to level up characters quickly.

Maplestory Leveling Guide


You can increase your leveling speed dramatically if you move from killing a monster with two hits to killing it with one hit if you increase your damage with buffs. It is best to use the Monster Park Blue, Green, and Red potions, which give you a solid 30 minutes of damage buffing.

Hyper Teleport Rock

In the early levels, when you have to constantly move between locations that might not be included in the Maple Guide. Hyper teleport rocks can be very helpful for Reboot players who can obtain them with Mesos rather than NX. When there is no rock available, it can sometimes make more sense to avoid Maple Guide content due to the time it takes to get to each map.

Experience Boosts

Several experience gain boost items are available in MapleStory to help leveling, and you should use as many of them as possible. There are many items in this category, such as EXP coupons from events, Legion coin shops and Monster Park Sundays, Link Skills (Mercedes, Evan and Aran), Legion EXP grids, EXP accumulation potions, MVP buffs, and Gold potions for Monster Parks. Additionally, hyper-stat points can give a boost, although they are typically not worthwhile and are only accessible beyond level 140.


By activating runes when they appear, you will gain experience and receive an effect that may assist you in defeating monsters. These start from level 30 onward and can make a dramatic difference between a level 29 monster map and a level 30 monster map and remain relevant until the maximum level. Evan link skills increase their duration.

Maplestory gameplay
Maplestory gameplay

Battle Analysis

In order to determine which setup gives you the best return for your time during the mid to late-game progression of levels 150-250, you can use the in-built battle analysis tool to compare different maps for experience gains. Depending on the amount of experience gained, it can be determined quickly which map is better to run for 15-minute intervals against other maps.

Burning Maps

It is also important to watch out for burning maps at level 100 and above, which provide additional experience to players. As you kill mobs on the map, these decrease slowly but reappear over time when no one is using it. As a result, alternative training locations with high burning can sometimes be stronger than popular training sites.

Special Portals

You can get a large chunk of experience and rare items from this, which appears randomly on your map as you train. There are two variants of Pollo and Fritto as well as the Inferno Wolf. At higher levels where maps are popular, be aware that you may lose your map to another player. However, these are always worth doing for both the rewards and experience.

Other Maple World Travel

In the absence of a teleport rock, the best way to travel around Maple World is to kill 250 Copper Drakes after level 60 from Sleepywood completion stamp. Taking the leftmost portal to the Six Path Crossway and clicking the Interdimensional Portal (Pantheon Portal) near the top left of the map is the easiest way to teleport back to Sleepywood. You can teleport your character to any major Maple World area by clicking the Interdimensional Portal on this map.

Maplestory characters
Maplestory characters

Wild Totems

While not as essential in the early levels, Wild Totems are a critical component of your MapleStory grinding. By increasing the number of mobs and decreasing respawn speed, Wild Totems increase your overall experience gains per hour.

So this was the Maplestory leveling guide that will help you to level up your characters fast.

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