Lou Williams Girlfriend: All About Famous Players’ Dating Life In 2023 And Current Partner


Lou Williams is not dating anyone at the moment.

Lou Williams gf
Lou Williams Girlfriend: All About Famous Players’ Dating Life In 2023 And Current Partner 2

Lou Williams was born on October 27, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee.

He comes from a close-knit family and was raised in a neighborhood known for its basketball talent. Williams’ early life was marked by a deep love for the sport, and he played high school basketball at South Gwinnett High School in Georgia.

He gained recognition for his exceptional skills, earning the title of Mr. Georgia Basketball during his senior year.

He entered the NBA after being selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2005 NBA Draft.

He is a respected veteran in the league, known for his impressive ball-handling and scoring abilities.

Lou Williams has made an indelible mark during his 17-year NBA career, holding the bench scoring record and earning three Sixth Man of the Year awards.

One aspect of his life has surprised his fans. In 2014, it came to light that he was dating two women simultaneously – something many found surprising and odd.

Ashley Henderson

Ashley Henderson is an internationally acclaimed American actress and basketball player currently dating NBA Sixth Man of the Year Rece Mitchell. Ashley’s lengthy dating history and signature look of having natural blue and green eyes make her an instantaneous hit among women worldwide.

Lou Williams recently made headlines when it was revealed he was involved with two women simultaneously, which caused widespread shock among many. To their credit, however, the NBA star quickly responded with support for this unique love triangle situation; offering tips to an interested Twitter user about it.

Henderson was known as “Blonde” to her NBA partner, Williams, and she considered herself their “sister wife”. However, the relationship ultimately came to an end after Mitchell began courting Henderson instead.

Rece Mitchell

Rece Mitchell is both a model and entrepreneur; together with her twin sister Daria Mitchell she owns 2Glamorous retail company. Rece has amassed an enormous following on both Instagram and Twitter (her @rece_gorg account has amassed over 211,000 followers) as well as announced she’s expecting her first child soon.

Lou Williams had been in a long-term relationship with Ashley Henderson, with whom they had two daughters together. However, when he moved to Toronto he found love again in Rece Mitchell and they started dating.

Mitchell seems pleased to share an enjoyable sister wife relationship with Henderson and can often be seen with them together. Since sharing a child together and maintaining an amicable relationship, the couple undoubtedly plans on raising it with care and love.

Jada Williams

Williams is no stranger to controversy, yet one aspect of his dating life has left some confused: He currently has two girlfriends at once who seem content with being with him at once.

Jada Pinkett Smith made headlines after she revealed on the 2020 episode of Red Table Talk that she and Will had had an intimate encounter while still being together, which caused much debate online. Although Jada and Will eventually patched things up between themselves, the rumor prompted considerable online conversation and debate.

While some fans were stunned by this revelation, others were more accepting. Overall, Will appears unbothered by his current relationship and is clearly still in love with both women; however, whether he chooses one over another remains to be seen and hopefully soon; otherwise he has plenty of decisions to make!

Zoey Williams

Zoey Williams is a model and actress best known for being married to Lolawolf frontman Channing Tatum; however, their marriage ended in January 2021 according to Us. The two initially tied the knot in June 2019 before finally parting ways two months later.

They met on the set of Hell or High Water and quickly developed an affection for music; their relationship lasted several years before eventually parting ways.

He has been linked with several women over time, such as Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell. Recently he spoke out about their relationships in an interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks and lashed out against people who depict him as promiscuous.

He informed fans that both women were equal mothers to his children and urged them not to use the relationship for bashing and memes; as both had experienced much hardship over time and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Full NameLou Williams
NBA Career17 years in the NBA, three-time Sixth Man of the Year
Notable RelationshipDated two women simultaneously in 2014
Girlfriend 1Ashley Henderson
Girlfriend 2Rece Mitchell

Dating History

Lou Williams gained attention in 2014 for dating two women simultaneously, Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell, which surprised many. The unique relationship dynamic and love triangle situation were briefly in the spotlight.


Lou Williams, known for his impressive NBA career and three Sixth Man of the Year awards, made headlines for his simultaneous relationships with Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell. He received both support and curiosity about this unconventional situation, emphasizing the importance of treating both women with respect. Lou Williams is not dating anyone at the moment.