Lost Ark Second Anniversary- Event, Skins and More


This article showcases the Lost Ark Second Anniversary event’s update from the developer and the future plans on the game.

Lost Ark second anniversary hosts an event known as the Arkesia Festival, or Second Anniversary Event. The seventh of February, 2024, saw its release. The developers are planning a number of activities and presents to commemorate the two years that Lost Ark has been in the West on February 8.

Lost Ark Second Anniversary Overview

The developers would like to express their gratitude to the Lost Ark community for their unwavering enthusiasm, commitment, suggestions, and encouragement as we travel along with them through the 2 Extreme Update as they are very grateful to everyone who has come along on this journey with the community. This article showcases the presents and unique activities in store to honor the Arkesia community this month.

In addition to launching brand-new community-focused video series, four new endgame raids, player enhancements, and numerous new classes, Lost Ark in the West’s second year has been jam-packed with fresh experiences. Although it is impossible to fully convey the scope of what the Lost Ark community achieved, the devs this captures some of the memorable times you had with friends and other explorers.

lost ark second anniversary
Lost Ark Cover Art

Take part in the festivities in-game with a number of unique events! Take part in the Arkesia Festival, where players may complete new cooperative missions every two weeks. By doing so, they can win tokens that can be exchanged for important prizes, such as the new Providence and Unity Skins.

Apart from the Arkesia Festival, a novel Birthday Bash Event is set to transport players back in time and enable them to obtain rewards by revisiting some of the most recognizable Lost Ark content releases from the previous year.

The event gold shop, Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop, has also made a comeback! Here, players may trade gold for priceless items like legendary engravings, card packs, honing materials, and more!
There are several ways developers want to show our appreciation for the community, including improved daily log-in prizes, unique Fever Time activities, and more.

Lost Ark Second Anniversary Event Background

The time frame of Lost Ark second anniversary is February 7, 2024, to March 20, 2024.

Twenty 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Coin icons (doubled with Rest bonus) are awarded for finishing a Chaos Dungeon (with Aura of Resonance).

EN LA FebKeyArt 2Extreme 740x416 CT 003200
Lost Ark February Update

When a Guardian Raid is successfully completed (using the Guardian’s Will), 40 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Coin icons are awarded (doubled with rest bonus).

Icon for the Commemorative Coin II Year By selecting the “Event Shop” icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen, you can swap your 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Coin for honing tools, honing tomes, and other useful items.
All of the players on the roster share tokens.

Lost Ark Second Anniversary Event Breakdown

Run, Piñata, Run!

The event will take place from February 21 to March 6, 2024.
Every player taking part in the competition will transform into an enormous piñata and sprint towards the finish line. After obtaining the task, a quick overview of the controls will be given. Put the three talents at your disposal to win the race!

Break the Gourd! / A Heart Full of Love

The event will run from March 6 through March 20, 2024.
During the ‘Break the Gourd!’ event, players can obtain second anniversary tokens by using the ‘Naughty and Nice Piñata Candy’ to break the gourd in time! Once the ‘Break the Gourd!’ event concludes, players are welcome to congregate and commemorate Lost Ark second anniversary together. Every participant who takes part will earn rewards tokens.

Analici Anniversary Loading Screen 1080 CT 003264
Happy 2nd Anniversary Folks!

What platform is Lost Ark available on?

Lost Ark is available on Microsoft Windows.

What genre is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark comes under the MMORPG genre.

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