Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath – Walkthrough and Guide



The Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath region holds rich loot, intimidating boss battles and wealth resources. Scroll down to find everything.

In Lords of the Fallen, you have to discover new locations in realms to unlock new stories. As you begin the campaign, you will start to explore locations in the Axiom realm. New locations will start to unlock after completing boss fights and missions. Calrath is a prominent location where many boss fights and side-quests are available. Calrath is divided into two regions, one is the Lower Calrath and the next is Upper Calrath. Here, there are many challenges and secrets as well.

Upper Calrath will be available in mid stages of the game. Here, you can unlock many resources and equipment. You can access the Upper Calrath either from the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian or from the Vestige of Doln.  Upper Calrath has two levels one is A and the other is B. Here, you have to counter against elite bosses and creatures to progress to the next stage. Both locations have many challenges and you get your exclusive rewards as well.

Upper Calrath doesn’t have many traps and obstacles when compared to other locations in the world. But to unlock new maps and locations, you have to face the challenges here. In Upper Calrath, you can meet two NPCs. One is the Iron Wayfarer and another is Andreas of Ebb. Throughout your journey in Calrath, these two NPCs will be your companions. Surviving challenges in Upper Calrath needs the best builds, strategies, spells and skills. Upper Calrath in Lords of the Fallen is a tricky spot and here is more about this location.

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Boss in Upper Calrath

Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath Guide – All You Need to Know

The first major challenge in Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath begins against the Spurned Progeny boss. You can find this giant enemy in the plaza at the slums. To defeat plaza, you can use Fire Ward items and Radiant spells. This boss deals fire damage and AoE attacks. So, you can counter him with holy and smite attacks. After defeating this boss, you can meet the Tortured Prisoner and hand over the Giant Eyeball, a quest item. This will reveal new stories and you can complete new questlines for NPCs. 

The other major boss fights in Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath will be up against the bosses, Andreas of Ebb and the Lightreaper. In this location , you can unlock the spell called Adyr’s Authority along with some armor sets including Overseer Set, Calrath Guardsman Set and Andreas of Ebb’s Set.

Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath
Location in Upper Calrath

After defeating the bosses, you will get access to the wealthiest locations of Upper Calrath. You will get access to the Umbral Flowerbed as well. Use your Umbral Lamp abilities and unlock the mining district locations. Also, you will be able to plant vestige seedlings. As you progress in the Upper Calrath B, you will find an Emergence Effigy near the fireplace. Near this vestige, you will spot a spiral staircase. Head up to collect the Overseer armor sets.

Another complicated challenge against Proselyte in Upper Calrath A level. To defeat this enemy and get its Long Swords, you have to use Umbral spells, Holy Poison and Fire attacks. A ranged weapon like hammer or flail will be a good option as well. Also, you can meet the Iron Wayfarer, the NPC. Iron Wayfarer is not only an NPC as a huge twist reveals he’s the protagonist of Lords of the Fallen original and this might be a shock for many players. The hero is in a totally different avatar and appearance and yet guarding his people from dark forces.

 The hero, the warrior and savior of thousands of people is still alive in this universe. You can meet him as you unlock Upper Calrath. He’s been the god for many people and his worshippers have been killed. The Iron Wayfarer will also advice you to not enter the Umbral Realm initially. Also, you will discover more secrets after an interaction with the Iron Wayfarer here.

Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath Weapons, Equipment & More

Upper Calrath is a rich world. Here, you can find some legendary and powerful weapons like Blacksmith’s Pride, Andreas of Ebb’s Sword and Crushing Gaze. These are all heavy weapons that deal physical and wither damage. Upper Calrath is also the main source of Umbral Scouring, so farm unlimited Umbral Scouring and upgrade your weapons.

You can acquire the Magic Ward from the Upper Calrath B near a green tent. Another best equipment to get here is the Ammunition Satchel. This consumable item spawns in Upper Calrath B where yib defeated the Ruiner boss. Next, you can reach the Vestige of Doln and travel towards the right side gate and reach the stairs. Activate the Umbral Lamp and cross the location. You can find a pendant called Scornful Effigy near an enemy. Use this to deal extra damage.

An elite ring is found in Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath B. Travel to the zone and go to the big tree. Here, you can soulflay Saintly Quintessence and pick up the Vessel Root Ring which increases maximum mana after wearing it.

Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath is a vast area with some powerful loot and rich resources. Here, enemies are dangerous as well. By completing challenges in this region, you will be able to get the best and secret endings in Lords of the Fallen. Explore this vast location and discover new stories and secrets.


How Long to Beat Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen has many story quests and boss battles. To beat the game, you have to spend at least 30 hours and this is only possible with the best builds and equipment in your inventory. You can speedrun LotF with the right strategies and equipment.

Can you Progress without completing Boss Fights in LotF?

In Lords of the Fallen campaign, there are many story missions and boss fights. Some of these boss battles are non-optional and you can only unfold new chapters after beating these challenges. Also by defeating bosses, you can get the best endings in the game. So, it’s essential to complete all major boss fights in the game.

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