Lords of the Fallen: How to Get All the Trophies and Achievements on PS4 and Xbox One



Want to unlock the best Lords of the Fallen achievements and trophies for PS4 and Xbox One? Then scroll down to find the objectives here.

Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing game. A fantasy adventure where you play as a crusader in a mission to slay  demonic forces. You can use spells, magic potions and melee weapons to overcome boss battles. With the best weapons and equipment, you can dominate the game. The goal is to stop the threat by the demon forces and also save the world. There are many story quests and non-optional boss battles. To level up in the game, you have to complete these missions.

Every chapter includes many stories and you will meet  NPCs during your journey. The game’s campaign has hundreds of quests and you will get rewards as well. There are trophies that you can unlock after finishing achievements. Small missions, tasks, and more objectives will be your target to secure all trophies. Find all Lords of the Fallen achievements and objectives to complete them for PS4 and Xbox One.

Lords of the Fallen PS4 achievements
Npc in LotF

Lords of the Fallen PS4 & Xbox One Achievements

Lords of the Fallen achievements and trophies will be available for every platform. You can unlock silver, bronze and golden trophies for completing every achievement in the game. Here is how you can unlock achievements and trophies in Lords of the Fallen,

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  • Way of the cleric – Play as a Cleric class hero and beat the game to secure this achievement
  • Way of the Rogue – This time you have to complete the game as  a Rogue 
  • Human Skull – Collect 25 or more Human skulls to get this secret achievement
  • Hard shell, soft core – This is one of the hardest achievements in the game that can be obtained once you beat the Commander
  • Anger is a Gift – You have to beat the Beast to secure this achievement
  • Two against one – Slay Lost Brothers in the final battle and overcome this mighty challenge
  • He speaks in riddles – Meet the Blacksmith NPC and complete the questline
  • Bookworm – Find the Note left by an unknown person and read it to complete this achievement 
  • Are you not Entertained?-  You have to complete all proving grounds 
  • Killing Monsters – Kill all types of monsters at least once in the game
  • Strong with this One – You have to unlock all spells for any one class
  • Treasure Left Alone – You have to loot all treasure chambers
  • Now we’re talking – Find the Gauntlet and meet an NPC to complete this achievement challenge
  • Whole world in his hands – You have to bring balance to both realms in the world 
  • Tailor-made – Choose any armor sets that perfectly suit your characters in the game
  • Give him Power – Buy your first attribute and spell point from NPCs to unlock this secret trophy 
  • Lord of The Fallen – Secure all major trophies to get this elite achievement
  • Ironclad –  Pick all armor set pieces and upgrade them to unlock this achievement
  • Solitary – This secret achievement can be unlocked once you meet a strange person in a strange location 

Unlock these Lords of the Fallen PS 4 and Xbox One achievements and collect new trophies.


Is Crossplay Available for Lords of the Fallen?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen Sequel supports crossplay platform feature between PC and Consoles. But it doesn’t support the same between console and console. It’s expected that a full-fledged crossplay feature will be rolled out soon by the makers of Lords of the Fallen.

How Long to Beat Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen has many story quests and boss battles. To beat the game, you have to spend at least 30 hours and this is only possible with the best builds and equipment in your inventory.

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