Lords of the Fallen: How to Play as Harkyn, Yetka, Kaslo, or Antanas



Can you Play as Harkyn in the Lords of the Fallen sequel? Who is Harkyn? Find out everything here.

Lords of the Fallen, the fantasy adventure and RPG is back again. The plot begins 1000 years later from its prequel and you will travel again in two different worlds. The world of living is Axiom, similarly the world of death is Umbral. You can play missions co-operatively and progress in the campaign. Lords of the Fallen sequel allows two players in a lobby and you can invite more friends and play against them.

Many locations and stories have been retained in the sequel. Also, some iconic characters and NPCs from Lords of the Fallen original have been retained here in the sequel. Harkyn, the protagonist, is back, but in a different avatar. Also, players in Lords of the Sequel can play as Kaslo, Antanas and Yetka. So, find out the secrets and tips to play as Harkyn, Kaslo, Antanas and Yetka in the Lords of the Fallen sequel.

Play as Harkyn, Kaslo, Antanas and Yetka in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen sequel is back with some fantastic features and stories. You will embark on your journey in the Axiom realm. During your journey, you will meet many mysterious characters and NPCs. And there’s every chance that one of the iconic characters from the LotF predecessor will be seen here.


Lords of the Fallen Harkyn

Harkyn, the main hero of LotF, is back in a new avatar. Here, you can find him as The Iron Wayfarer.  Abandoned Redscope is the location where you meet him for the first time. Harkyn or the Iron Wayfarer will warn you of threats inside the Umbral Realms. Also, he will ask you to avoid using Lamp and further indicates history will be repeated again.

You can hire him as your companion in later stages of the game. Also, you have to make some serious decisions to get the best endings. You can either free Harkyn or slay him at the end to save the world. Harkyn was a hero who’s been worshipped by thousands of people, but his ending in the sequel is going to be different.


Kaslo is a mask who’s been surviving for more than 1000 years. As of now, no one has seen Kaslo in the sequel of LotF. Though Kaslo was slayed in the prequel, some say the NPC is still alive and guiding many heroes. You can meet him in the final chapters of the game.

You will meet Kaslo as a monk again, but this time the NPC will be there under a different name. The identity and locations of Kaslo remain a mystery. To find Kaslo, you have to travel to every spot in both realms. Start meeting NPCs and mysterious characters to discover more about this monk.


Yetka is a mysterious NPC in Lords of the Fallen. He’s saved many lives from demons and is still living in a strange area. Players can find Yetka in the world of Umbral and meet her while completing the game. There’s no clear picture on Yetka’s identity, name and location. Those  warriors of Axiom who fight against the demons will meet her in the final chapters of the game.


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Antanas was a monster in the original version of Lords of the Fallen. Initially he was a human who helped Harkyn complete many stories. After consuming a potion, the NPC became a demon. Antanas was killed during a battle and he is not alive. So, players in LotF sequel will not be able to find or meet Antanas.

That’s everything you need to know about Lords of the Fallen Harkyn, Yetka, Kaslo and Antanas. You can meet some of these NPCs during your journey in the campaign, but you can’t play as them. Instead you can recruit them as your ally and utilize their services to get the best secret endings in LotF.


Is Lords of the Fallen Available for Mobile?

No, Lords of the Fallen 2023 is only exclusively to PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. Lords of the Fallen Prequel (2014) version was launched for both mobile and PC, but this time the makers have not decided to launch it for mobile.

Which is the Most Important Stat in Lords of the Fallen?

Every stat in Lords of the Fallen provides bonus effects. But, strength is vital and increases your physical attacks. You can upgrade all stats by spending some Vigors at vestiges. Stats power up your characters and their skills.

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